Explore Rotorua On Your Own From Rotorua

Want to visit any of the main destinations in Rotorua on your own? Then our Rotorua Explorer tour is just right for you! Some of the Bay of Plenty’s most exciting towns and attractions are some way from the coast, which can make them tough to get to if you’re exploring the region on a cruise ship.

This day-long tour to Rotorua solves that problem by picking you up direct from your cruise ship in Tauranga. Drive just under 50 miles to Rotorua and explore the town, including stops at Te Puia, a hub of local Māori culture and geothermal activity, the beautiful Government Gardens and the towering Redwood Forest.


  • Visit any of the main destinations in Rotorua on your own.
  • Rotorua Information Center
  • Rotorua Lake Front
  • Polynesian Spa
  • Skyline Skyrides Rotorua

Explore Rotorua On Your Own From Rotorua

Departing from Tauranga, we visit Te Puke, the world’s kiwi fruit city, woods, Rotoiti Bay, and Rotorua Bay. Your driver will send you details about the destinations you may be visiting in Rotorua and the best choices.

Rotorua has 5 primary stop points, and we circulate 4 times during the day. We at the Agrodome also give a final selection point to match in with their last show if necessary. Then we return by a different path to Tauranga, through the forests, through deep gorges, past fields, and kiwifruit orchards.

There is no requirement to visit any destination, just cruise through the bus, take a walk around the shops (many things to see for free), buy a picnic to enjoy on the lake front etc.

Best of Rotorua Tour

As you disembark from your ship at Tauranga, meet our welcoming personnel. Depending on when your ship berths, your journey with us will begin. The journey will begin by taking you around the beautiful beaches of Mount Maunganui, or the powerful Mauao as we like to call it. We will travel for roughly an hour to the interesting city of Rotorua after this brief introduction to Tauranga. Te Puia, one of New Zealand’s most stunning Maori cultural hubs, will be seen to you in Rotorua (admission included).

You will be taken on a guided tour of Te Puia, which will include the interesting Pohutu Geyser, boiling mudpools, and Maori arts. In addition, a 40-minute traditional Maori concert will be performed, which is a must-see for all visitors to New Zealand. We’ll leave Te Puia after around 2 hours to experience the wonders of Rotorua. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful Rotorua Lake while also learning about the flora at Government Gardens.

Rachel’s Thermal Spring will take your breath away as you stand among huge trees that soar above the earth in the Redwood Forest. We’ll return to Tauranga after our time in Rotorua, with a stopover at the lovely Kiwi Country, where you can discover more about New Zealand’s most popular kiwifruit. Treat yourself to some kiwifruit ice cream and sample some of New Zealand’s various Kiwifruit products. We’ll then return to the ship and get you ready to board without wasting any time. You may rest assured that when you travel with us in one of our current Mercedes vehicles, you will be delivered safely, reliably, and comfortably.

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