Amsterdam Walking Tour – small group

What to do in Amsterdam? Join this Amsterdam Walking Tour to explore essential cultural and architectural sights. The best way to get a taste of Amsterdam is to begin your journey here. The city’s history and entertainment are combined in a unique way in this city’s vision.

The Best Of Amsterdam Walking Tour

To get a taste of the city’s core, take this 2.5-hour* walking tour. No matter what your interests are, this tour has something for everyone.

On this tour, you’ll learn about the city’s development from a muddy village to one of the most important trading centers in Europe.

You will learn about the wild history of prostitution and drug decriminalization in the city, as well as the tragic story of Anne Frank and the Nazi occupation.

After the tour, you’ll have plenty of time to meet up with other travelers and continue exploring on your own. Make the most of your time in Amsterdam with this guided tour that will help you navigate the city’s many attractions, including the Rijksmuseum and the Jordaan District cafes and bars.


  • Walkthrough the popular neighborhood de Jordaan
  • Visit Dam Square and the magnificent palace
  • Visit the Red Light District de Wallen

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Amsterdam walking tour (small groups)

The guide will take you through the most famous parts of Amsterdam. You will walk through the popular neighborhood, de Jordaan. Where once the typical folk culture flourished in the narrow streets and small townhouses.

Then we move on to Dam Square and the magnificent palace, the real heart of Amsterdam. The Begijnhof, an inner-city court with dwellings from the 16th century, remains an interesting part of Amsterdam with its unique atmosphere.

At the Begijnhof you will find the imposing and restored wooden house that dates back to 1528, one of the oldest houses in the Netherlands.

This tour would not be complete without a visit to the Red Light District, de Wallen.

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