4-Hour Athens Morning Walking Tour

After breakfast, go for 4-Hour Athens Morning Walking Tour, work off some calories in the most relaxing way possible: a morning stroll through Athens.

• Visit Syntagma square, Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki and Psirri
• Enjoying a cup of traditional Greek coffee
• Maximum of 12 people per group

4-Hour Athens Morning Walking Tour

Join us as we discover this city’s historic neighborhoods and introduce ourselves to the Greek city that’s captivated travelers for generations.

You’ll meet your guide in the Syntagma Square, home to numerous historic attractions and buildings such as the Greek Parliament. We won’t remain here long though, cause there’s so much more to see! First up, we’ll enter Plaka, one of the city’s most famous neighborhoods, and pass by neoclassical alleyways, cafes, and restaurants. Along the way you’re guide, a local to Athens, we’ll captivate you with the history and secrets of Plaka.

Next up, you’ll head down Adrianou Street, the perfect place to pick up a souvenir. From here its onto the pristine Anafiotika, a marble white neighborhood of cozy homes and narrow alleyways. You’ll have plenty of time to explore here and even get lost a little in its picturesque streets. Along the way you’ll stop for a cup of authentic Greek coffee and relax at a local cafe. Keep your camera ready; if the sun is out you’ll be able to take stunning photos of the Acropolis.

Leaving Anafiotika behind, you’ll enter Dionysious Aeropagitou street and see its gorgeous 20th century homes and buildings. We’ll enter through a secret shortcut known only to the locals and hear stories about ancient Greek mythology along the way. From here we’ll walk along the Roman Market, where you’ll discover an area rich in ancient history. Feel free to ask your guide about the monuments riddled throughout the area; they’re happy to share! You’ll pass through a local flea market, home to a variety of shops.

Finally, you’ll reach the end of your journey, arriving at Psirri. Having discover Athen’s historic and mythological past, you’ll end your stroll in the modern day at one of the most fashionable, diverse, and trendy areas of the city.

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