Autumn Leaf Peeping in Canada

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If you’ve never heard of “leaf peeping”, it is described as a “person who seeks out an area where many of the tree leaves have turned colors”. In fact, leaf peeping has become quite popular these days.

According to some statistics, leaf peepers begin their quest in September by visiting Eastern Canada, and end their quest in early November in the state of Georgia.

This autumn, why not take advantage of the falling leaves in Canada? You can rent a car and drive north to Nova Scotia via Annapolis Valley, or you can take a Fall Foliage tour from Boston to Eastern Canada. Either way, the scenery is sure to be spectacular.

6-Day Bus tour to Toronto, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Agawa Canyon, Gravenhurst and Niagara Falls

Another great vacation spot is New Brunswick. Known for its large variety of trees, the colors of the leaves are breathtaking. The red leaves that fall from the red maple trees, combined with the orange-colored leaves that fall at the beginning of October are worth a three-day trip to see.

On the other hand, perhaps you have saved vacation time for the fall months. In this case, why not take a Fall Foliage bus tour from Boston? The highlights include visiting such sites as Faneuil Hall, the North End, Boston Common, and more. Travel on to Maine, where you will visit Kennebunkport and Portland (a fabulous fall foliage venue).
4-Day Canada Tour From Toronto: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Thousand Islands - Superior Hotel in Quebec
Taking the scenic route through the White Mountains, you cross over to Quebec where there are exciting tours awaiting you. From Quebec, you continue northwest to the Laurentian Region where the lakes and forests leave you breathless.

Take a day cruise before heading on to Montreal, another great city to explore. Continue on to Lake Placid, the most beautiful village in New York. It is a canvas whose colors that captivate the imagination. Finally, the tour ends in New York City.

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Fall Foliage tours or leaf peeping, no matter where the destination, always leaves you wanting for more. Whether it’s autumn in New York, driving through New England, or taking a short weekend vacation to Canada – “the falling leaves of red and gold,” as the song goes, is your September song.

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