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Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta - 1 Day

Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta
Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta

Discover Salinas Grandes, nature`s third largest plateau, a place home to a unique ecosystem defined by salt as far as the eye can see.

• Puna Plateau
• Salinas Grandes
• Big Salt Works

Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta

Salta – Salinas Grandes

First time travelers to the Puna are usually in great awe at the sheer size of this salty, high altitude expanse that serves as host to a very unique ecosystem. This desert was once a salty lake but over time all the moisture evaporated leaving nothing but a salt white landscape. However, after rainfall the region turns into a magnificent mirror!

From Salta we will travel to the Big Salt Works, one of the largest excavation sites in Puna and is responsible for supplying the provinces of Salta and Jujuy with salt. Here we’ll learn about the various processes it takes to mine salt from this gorgeous region, as well as see the beautiful landscape.

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