Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta - 1 Day

Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta

Discover Salinas Grandes from Salta, nature’s third largest plateau, a place home to a unique ecosystem defined by salt as far as the eye can see. During this 13-hour day journey from Salta, visit the “Salinas Grandes,” a magnificent assemblage of salt flats in Northwest Argentina.

Full Day Trip to Salinas Grandes Salt Fields from Salta

Before arriving at this bizarre landmark, see some of the area’s lovely tiny towns, where a landscape of gleaming white salt appears to stretch to the horizon. On your route back to Salta, you’ll also pass through Purmamarca.


  • Puna Plateau
  • Salinas Grandes
  • Big Salt Works
  • Family friendly
  • Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
  • Informative, friendly and professional guide

Salinas Grandes Salt Fields Tour From Salta

Salta – Salinas Grandes

First time travelers to the Puna are usually in great awe at the sheer size of this salty, high altitude expanse that serves as host to a very unique ecosystem. This desert was once a salty lake but over time all the moisture evaporated leaving nothing but a salt white landscape. However, after rainfall the region turns into a magnificent mirror!

Full-Day Salinas Grandes Tour from Salta

From Salta we will travel to the Big Salt Works, one of the largest excavation sites in Puna and is responsible for supplying the provinces of Salta and Jujuy with salt. Here we’ll learn about the various processes it takes to mine salt from this gorgeous region, as well as see the beautiful landscape.

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Start with a pick up from your centrally-located Salta hotel around 7 am.

Ruins of Tastil

You’ll leave the city heading towards the Tastil Ruins and arrive in San Antonio de Los Cobres, a small village in the Puna region, where you’ll stop to have lunch and explore.

Salinas Grandes

Continue the trip along the famous scenic Route No 40, crossing one of the most scenic desert regions in Argentina, before arriving at Salinas Grandes (The Great Salt Flat). The immensity of the area and the white, shiny, salt invites you to relax and take good pictures. After exploring the salt flats, continue down the Lipán Cliff and finally arrive at Purmamarca, one of the typical towns of Humahuaca Gorge, offering incredible views of the Seven Colours Hill.

San Salvador de Jujuy

You’ll return to Salta after a brief visit to San Salvador de Jujuy.

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