Half-Day Diamond Head Hiking

Half-Day Diamond Head Hiking

Climb on the top of the Diamond Head, find the military history from the tunnel and the observatory on the top.

• Diamond Head Hiking
• Diamond Head State Monument
• Hotel Pick-up and drop-off

Half-Day Diamond Head Hiking

We will hike at a relaxed pace and stop at various lookout points along the way. During our hike you will be able to see Diamond Head’s once operational military observatory.
Tips: * Pick-up time: 9:20am-10:00am(times are approximate, please confirm with tour guide on the departure day)
* Duration: about 3 hours(pick-up time included)
* Tour end time: 11:50am
* Hotel return time: 12:20pm-12:40pm

Our hike will take about 45 minutes.
There is only one restroom available during this hike.

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