The Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show Tampa Bay


5312 Avion Park Dr Tampa, FL 33607


27.95776985, -82.533360906828


5312 Avion Park Dr Tampa, FL 33607


27.95776985, -82.533360906828



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The Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show in Tampa Bay, Florida, is widely regarded as the city’s most outstanding instance of a murder mystery dinner show. All individuals who go to a performance of this show will have a one-of-a-kind experience due to the interactive nature of the play, in addition to having a great time.

As the killer strolls (and eats) among you, you are going to have to put their abilities to the test in order to unravel the mystery. The show will make for an excellent addition to your trip so that you can take part in an experience that is unlike any other while you are away.

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show Tampa Bay

At one of the most enjoyable kinds of dinner theatre that can be found in Tampa, you will spend the evening trying to figure out who exactly committed the crime while you savour a delectable meal. The murder mystery dinner performance in Tampa takes place in the current day, and there will be actors mingling with the audience so that the mystery will be more difficult to solve and provide more opportunities for audience participation.

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show - Colorado Springs, COAlthough participation in the show is not compulsory, it is strongly encouraged due to the possibility that visitors will quiz you for hints during the evening. This murder mystery will be one step closer to being solved for you with each clue that you find and each piece of the puzzle that you put together on your own.

The performance is given in a realistic manner, as seen by the presence of prop guns, loud simulated gunshots, and lighting blackouts, all of which contribute to the goings-on of the evening.

Guests will not only be treated to enticing entertainment that is appropriate for people of all ages, but they will also be offered a delectable dinner while the show is in progress. This supper consists of four courses and is likely to fulfil all of your requirements and leave you feeling perfectly content. The guests will be able to select their main course from a number of different options that they can enjoy.

Make sure that The Dinner Detective is on your itinerary for your next trip to Tampa Bay so that you may enjoy a night out on the town at the most entertaining dinner murder mystery show in the country. You won’t want to miss out on any of the fantastic supper performances that Tampa has to offer; don’t miss out!

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Guests can listen to the clues that are being presented by the performers on stage to try to figure out who committed a murder while they are eating supper. In order for guests to successfully solve the murder mystery, it is important that they pay attention to the clues that are provided by the actors who are sitting in the audience and playing along with the murder mystery. There are also certain audience members who are chosen to participate in the mystery and have a chance of being revealed as the killer at the conclusion of the show.

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