Canal Saint Martin Food Tour - 1 Day

Canal Saint Martin Food Tour

What to do in Paris? Experience a hidden side of Paris on our Canal Saint Martin Food Tour. The best things to do in Paris. Join us for a 3-hour dinner cruise on the Seine and St-Martin Canal. The boat slowly departs the dock, allowing you to explore the heart of the City of Light. The Louvre, Ile de Cité, Notre-Dame, and the mansions of the Ile Saint-Louis are all within striking distance after crossing the léopold footbridge and exiting the Orsay Museum. Arsenal lock stands in front of the Jardin des plantes.

Once you reach the quiet Arsenal Marina, where you can see the July column and the Opera Bastille, your boat slowly makes its way across it. The cruise continues with an amazing moment, your boat rushes for about 2 kilometers under a mysterious vault with natural light holes: the Bastille Square! After passing through it, the boat enters the second lock, known as the temple lock. Making your way to Baie-de-la-Villette. The mood is laid-back and good-natured, and you’ll get a taste of a Parisian Guinguette night that’s becoming increasingly rare.


  • Experience a hidden side of Parisian gastronomy
  • Sample delicacies from the city’s top artisanal producers
  • Savor the good life with a passionate French food expert

Canal Saint Martin Food Tour

Your gastronomic journey begins with a jaunt through a hidden indoor market where you can artfully display the freshest local produce, wine, and regional specialties. As a discerning Parisian, your guide will demonstrate to you how to shop.

3-Hour Dinner Cruise on Seine River and Saint-Martin Canal

As we head for the canal, we will stop in a revered bakery where a selection of the most mouth-watering bread and baked goods will be offered to you. As a fashion exec, the baker left a highly paid career to devote his life to traditional pastry making, and the results are binge-inducing.

We will continue to taste cured meats chosen by young enthusiastic experts revolutionizing France’s regional flavors. The remaining part of our tour includes wine merchants, organic vegetable stalls, and several other specialty shops, with sweet sips and nibbles along the way.

Your guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what makes the neighborhood tick as you scope out the latest restaurants to get into the scene. A break at a unique hip spot among the locals will be a perfect opportunity to relax and digest as you prepare for the grand finale of the tour: a selection of wine and cheese.

Enter Paris’ intriguing gastronomy world and sample the concealed local flavors of most visitors. Get to the heart of what makes French food great by discovering with us every hidden place and hearing top-notch explanations of what you eat.

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