Whistler national park

Whistler is set at the foot of two massive mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb, in the center of a beautiful National Park. With towering volcanic peaks, ancient glaciers, rushing rivers, teal-blue lakes, and deep coniferous forests greeting you at every turn, the entire region is filled with high-impact scenery.

Whistler is also close to Garibaldi Provincial Park, which is a world-class wilderness reserve. This is the ideal area for multi-day camping adventures and adventurous types looking for seclusion, as it is home to innumerable difficult backcountry treks.

Over 40 kilometers of paved trails running down the valley floor are great for a leisurely stroll or cycling while observing the gorgeous surroundings for those who wish to take it easy.

The alpine wild flower season is a much-anticipated highlight of Whistler’s summer. Several species bloom for two to three weeks in July, creating a brief but spectacular display of color. This seasonal occurrence is well worth planning your visit around because of the addition of rich crimsons and deep purples to the already gorgeous mountain and woodland backdrop.

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