Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour – Inside the Volcano

Journey into the center of the earth with the most thrilling Iceland Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour! Join this Iceland volcano tour to explore the heart of Thrihunukagigur! During this small-group tour from Reykjavik, take an exciting descent inside the ruins of Iceland’s dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano.

Hike across the area’s jagged lava fields to experience the strange sights of Iceland’s countryside on your route to the Blue Mountains. Then follow your guide into the geological site’s vast subterranean interior, where the walls are still scalded from a 4,000-year-old eruption.

This 18-person small-group vacation includes all necessary safety equipment as well as round-trip hotel transportation.


  • Take a unique volcano tour literally takes you inside a dormant volcano
  • See amazing colours in hues of red, yellow and purple
  • Travel 120 metres (400 feet) descend in an open elevator

Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour – Inside the Volcano

Step into the beating heart of a dormant volcano with the most thrilling Iceland volcano tour! Thrihnukagigur has been quiet since the 2nd century BC, allowing us to wander its ancient caverns and discover the unique magma shaped designs.
Inside the Volcano: Small Group Thrihnukagigur Hike and Tour from Reykjavik
From you accommodation in Reykjavik we’ll head out to the volcano where we’ll take an hour long hike to the volcano’s entrance. Here we’ll enter an open cable lift and descend 120 meters through the volcano’s gaping maw – which is so large it can easily devour the Statue of Liberty.

Don’t fear, as the volcano’s ancient magma has drained out since its last eruption, leaving cool but fascinating tunnels left for us to explore with our expert guides. This is one of the only places in the world where you can safely enter a magma chamber and is an experience not to be missed.

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This small-group journey within the now-extinct Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour will add a dash of adventure to your Iceland stay. Enjoy this fascinating opportunity to climb inside a cavern constructed thousands of years ago by Mother Nature’s strong forces.

Begin by being picked up from your Reykjavik hotel. Then head to Iceland’s Blue Mountains (Bláfjöll) for your volcano adventure, where your guide will give you an overview of how this unique volcanic location was produced 4,000 years ago. The spectacular magmatic chamber was formed as a result of the one-of-a-kind eruption.

When you get at Thrihnukagigur, pay attention to your guide’s safety instructions. Then venture out onto the rugged lava fields surrounding the volcano. Because of the uneven ground and jagged rocky surface, your walk will be moderately difficult, so make sure you’re in good shape and have suitable hiking shoes. Continue hiking through the field, stopping to appreciate the volcanic cones and steaming gas fissures along the way, until you reach the crater’s rim.

Iceland Volcano Hike

While donning your helmet and harness, listen to another short safety lesson, then board the open cable elevator with three or four other passengers to descend inside the site. As you descend, take in the breathtaking vistas while watching the crater’s walls, which were constructed many thousands of years ago. Soon after, you’ll arrive at the base of this dormant volcano, where you’ll join your guide on an exploration of the deep interior.

Examine the colossal granite dome above, whose surface is strewn with a rainbow of hues generated by the magma that once touched it. Your guide also tells you a few stories about the last eruption, allowing you to imagine this spectacular place as it once was, bubbling with liquid magma. Return to your car, which will drop you off at your Reykjavik accommodation, after spending time within the crater.

Inside the volcano

Listen to a fascinating introduction of the Thrihnukagigur volcano – the site of your underground experience — during the short trip to the Bláfjöll mountain range. Hear about the last 4,000-year eruption of this dormant volcano, and why the nature of the blast left the volcano with an open and accessible magmatic chamber.

Arrive at Thrihnukagigur after about 30 minutes and, after a briefing, begin a one-hour hike to the crater. While the trail is not steep, it is undulating and uneven, making it only suited for hikers who are moderately fit. Hiking boots are recommended. Follow your guide along the 2-mile (3-kilometer) path at a steady pace, taking in the surrounding lava fields littered with volcanic cones and gas vents as you walk.

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When you arrive in the crater, undergo another safety briefing and put on the helmet and harness that have been provided. Then, with three or four others, board the open cable elevator that will take you down into the crater. Enjoy the thrill of descending roughly 400 feet (120 meters) into the volcano’s throat, passing millennia-old rock walls deep into the Earth’s guts.

Step off the lift at the bottom and join your guide in exploring the magma chamber. Admire the magnificent natural arena and the mosaic of colors generated by scorching and charring on the granite dome. As you take in the sights, learn astonishing information about the volcano’s most recent eruption, and image the chamber as it once was, filled with a seething mass of blazing hot lava, imagine the chamber as it once was. Ascend to the surface after around 30 minutes within the volcano, and then walk back to your vehicle.

Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour – Inside the Volcano.

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