Three Sisters

The Three Sisters, one of the region’s most renowned attractions, are located about two hours west of Sydney, among the surreal backdrop of the Blue Mountains.

The monument was cut and constructed over thousands of years and is made up of three sandstone peaks that have weathered over time. They are now just over 900 meters above the beautiful Jamison Valley. Head to Katoomba’s Echo Point overlook for the greatest views of the Valley’s lush trees and wildlife.

Full-Day Tour in Blue Mountains: Three Sisters, Scenic World and Featherdale

These magical creations are considered to guard and watch over the Darug, Gundungurra, Wiradjuri, and Dharwal Aboriginal people’s land.

The earth’s crust and plates were undergoing massive movements 300 million years ago. The entire Blue Mountains region was flooded with seawater. Large volumes of silt were carried by the flowing ocean water, which sunk to the ocean floor in horizontal layers over time. These layers eventually coalesced to produce rock beds and shales, which were then deposited in horizontal layers. These layers later produced sandstone rock beds, resulting in a swampy environment. Coal seams known as the Illawarra Coal Measures would eventually form.

Finally, some 200 million years ago, during the Age of Dinosaurs, volcanoes erupted and blasted through the coal, sandstone, and shale layers. Creating ridges and sharp shapes that ultimately became the well-known rock formations.

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