Third Reich and WWII Tour of Berlin

Third Reich and WWII Tour of Berlin. Travel back and time to the Third Reich and WWII with a guided walking tour of Berlin to discover the dark history of the SS and the Gestapo.


  • Historical tour of Berlin
  • See the former headquarters of the Nazi’s most feared institutions: the SS and the Gestapo
  • Learn about the fate of Berlin during the Third Reich

Third Reich and WWII Tour of Berlin

Meeting in central Berlin, your expert guide will kick the day off by giving you a brief overview of the Nazi’s rise to power after the First World War. You’ll then hear about Berlin’s Jewish district and the sad fate of its residents during the Third Reich.

We’ll then continue our tour by train, heading to the remains of Anhalter Bahnhof. Once the largest train station in Europe, the colossal station was destroyed during the Allied bombing of Berlin in WWII. From here we will walk to the former headquarters of two of the Nazi’s most feared institutions: Heinrich Himmler’s SS (who ran the concentration camps), and the Gestapo (secret police).

Third Reich Berlin WalkingTour - Hitler and WWII

As your guide explains to you how these two groups bought terror to the citizens of Nazi Germany and its enemies, you will see the remains of prisoners’ cells, where innocent individuals were beaten, tortured, and murdered.

You will then be led through the former government quarter, viewing memorials for those that fell victim to the Nazis, and hearing about how the fascists maintained complete control over the people, including Joseph Goebbels’ use of propaganda, and Hermann Goering’s air force ministry.

The tour finishes in front of Germany’s impressive parliament building, the Reichstag. Here your guide will explain the madness of Albert Speer’s plans to completely redesign Berlin as Germania: capital of the empire of the world. You will also discover what happened in the last days of WWII, as the Soviets surrounded Berlin and brought the war in Europe to an end in the spring of 1945, including assaulting the Reichstag.

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