Singapore Walking Tour: Cityscapes – Walk Through Singapore’s History

Singapore Walking Tour: Cityscapes – Walk Through Singapore’s History. A walking tour of Singapore’s history will give you a more personal perspective on the city’s past and will serve as a stress-free introduction for first-time visitors. Unlike tours by coach or car, this option ensures that you will not be inconvenienced by traffic delays. Plus, you’ll benefit from your guide’s insider knowledge, which will allow you to spend more time exploring and less time trying to figure out where you are.


  • Skip the stress of car hire on a walking tour of Singapore
  • A hassle-free introduction for first-time visitors
  • Cover more sights in less time as you avoid the risk of traffic jams
  • An express tour designed with time-pressed travelers in mind

Singapore Walking Tour: Cityscapes – Walk Through Singapore’s History

The tour begins at The Walking Singapore on the Esplanade and makes its first stop at Merlion Park, a major tourist attraction where participants can learn about Singapore’s mythical national icon, the half-lion, half-fish Merlion. The tour continues to the National Museum of Singapore, where participants can learn more about Singapore’s mythical national icon.

Singapore Walking Tour: Cityscapes - Walk Through Singapore's History

During your tour of the river’s oldest bridge, Cavenagh Bridge, you will pass through the mail tunnel of the old Singapore Post Office, which is now the Fullerton Hotel, which is located on the other side of the river. It is then a short walk to the Old Parliament House, which is the oldest surviving structure in Singapore. Learn about the building’s many uses and extensions over the years, as well as the restoration work that transformed it into the Arts House that it is today.

Later in the tour, the group will stop to sample a Singaporean breakfast staple, charcoal-grilled kaya toast and teh tarik, before continuing on. Kaya is a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs, and teh tarik is a hot milk tea beverage that literally translates as “pulled tea.” Both are popular in Malaysia. A quick bite to eat is followed by a walk into the heart of Singapore’s downtown core, where you will find the National Gallery, which houses the world’s largest collection of Singapore and South East Asian art.

To conclude your visit, take a stroll through the South Beach Complex to the Fountain of Wealth, where you will be invited to walk around a mini fountain in the center of its base three times in order to receive good luck. After that, you will visit the Cookie Museum, where you will be able to sample cookies with unusual flavors such as Pandan Chiffon, Chili Crab, and Chicken Rice. Following the conclusion of the 3-hour walking tour, you will be welcomed back to The Walking Singapore, where our guides will present you with some gifts before sending you off to continue your Singapore adventure.

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