Milan Food Walking Tour – Brera District

Milan Food Walking Tour – Brera District. On this tour of Milan’s hippest district, the Brera District, you’ll get a taste of the best of the country’s culinary offerings. Stroll through Brera’s charming streets with a local foodie guide and try local delicacies like Parma ham, Italian sausage, and meatballs from Milan.

Milan Food Walking Tour – Brera District


  • Milan’s Brera District Food Tour
  • Visit a variety of well-known Brera restaurants for delicious meals.
  • Try traditional Milanese dishes as well as other regional specialties of Italy.
  • Your guide will tell you all about the dishes you’ll be tasting as well as the city itself.

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In the heart of Milan, you’ll find your personal foodie tour guide. Afterward, make your way to Brera to learn about the rich culinary history of Milanese cuisine, from hearty polenta to veal Milanese breaded to risotto made with saffron-infused cream.

To get a taste of the local cuisine, visit several restaurants, cafes, and markets. The menu changes depending on the season, but dishes like melanzane alla parmigiana (baked eggplant with Parmesan and tomatoes), mondeghili meatballs, and traditional Milanese fare are all likely candidates for a tasting.

In addition to local delicacies, sample gelato, cannoli, and culatello—a prized Parma ham—as well as other popular Italian sweets. Try a craft beer and a Northern Italian aperitivo after that. Finish your journey in the heart of Milan.


Brera District

Milan Food Walking Tour of Brera

Meet your guide near Milan’s Lanza-Brera Station and begin your 3-hour foodie tour of the city’s historic Brera district with your tour guide. The area has long been a haven for artists and intellectuals, drawing both residents and visitors drawn by the neighborhood’s bustling street markets and exciting nightlife. As you walk through the city, your guide tells you about its history and cuisine.

Learn about Milan’s evolution over time, from the historic Navigli neighborhood (where the city’s ancient canal system once existed) to the futuristic Porta Nuova neighborhood, which was built in preparation for Expo 2015. The city’s cuisine, like its architecture, has evolved over time, but many of the original dishes have survived. Learn about Milanese staples like risotto and polenta, and try traditional dishes like risotto with saffron and veal Milanese.

La Bicicletta Milano

Get your fill of local specialties while walking and conversing with your tour guide at up to six food stops. You may try traditional melanzane alla parmigiana (baked eggplant with Parmesan and tomatoes), mondeghili meatballs, and Milanese dishes as part of the tour, which changes depending on what’s in season.

You can also sample popular Italian sweets like gelato and cannoli, or indulge in melt-in-your-mouth slivers of culatello, a prized Parma ham, along with the local specialties. Drink an artisan Italian beer to wash down your meal, and then visit La Bicicletta, a hip art bar in Milan, for an aperitivo (a pre-dinner alcoholic drink).

Many bars in Milan host a lavish happy hour buffet with enough food to satisfy even the most ravenous of guests during the popular aperitivo hour. The tour concludes at Piazza XXV Aprile in central Milan after three hours of exploration of Brera and its atmospheric eateries.

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