Milan Cathedral and Rooftop Tour, Skip the Line

Milan Cathedral and Rooftop Tour, Skip the Line. A knowledgeable local guide will discuss the Duomo’s history, beginning with its construction and continuing to the present day. We’ll see the Cathedral and the view from the top of the building. A scarf (which covers the knees and shoulders) and tickets are provided. There will be an elevator to take you up to the terraces.


Milan Cathedral and Rooftop Tour, Skip the Line

After entering the huge church, your licensed English-speaking tour guide will lead you downstairs to visit the hidden unexpected archaeological evidence of what there was before the building of the Duomo, like parts of an older church, an octagonal baptistery, and tombs.

Milan - the Duomo Cathedral and rooftop private guided tour

Our small group tour will lead you inside the Duomo and unveil the mysteries kept inside that even the local Milanesi don’t know! After being inside the Duomo, you will reach the Terraces of the Cathedral by elevator. Please note that there is no skip-the-line available for the elevator rides.

You will then arrive at a breathtaking panoramic view over the city after just 50 steps and you will feel like you literally have Milan at your feet.

During this Small Group Tour, you will have time to take memorable pictures of the spires, to the new shining skyscrapers, to the iconic medieval towers, and have a closer look at the incredible sculptures populating the Duomo and representing mysterious animals, monsters, and other peculiar subjects. The sweet end of our fun and informative small group tour of Milan will be an Italian gelato and a surprise lucky ritual!

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