Lakes of Ushuaia 4WD Off Road experience




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Explore the Lakes of Ushuaia – Fagnano and Escondido Lakes and get ready for an exciting 4×4 off-road and canoeing adventure on this tour from Ushuaia. Enjoy a full day of off-roading in Tierra del Fuego, starting from Ushuaia.

The Southern Andes Range and the unspoiled Patagonian landscape can be seen from the 4×4 windows of a Land Rover or Toyota Hilux as you travel to Lago Fagnano and Lago Escondido (Hidden Lake). This small-group tour, with a maximum of 12 people, includes a lakeside barbecue lunch and a glass of local Malbec wine.


Lakes of Ushuaia 4WD Off Road experience

Once you’ve been picked up from your hotel in Ushuaia, make your way to the mountain pass known as Paso Garibaldi, which spans the Southern Andes of Patagonia. Enjoy the view of Lake Escondido from the Fuegian Cordillera, stopping at a lookout to take in this ‘hidden lake.

4WD Off-Road Lakes Tierra del Fuego Adventure From Ushuaia

Views of the pristine Lake Fagnano are also available. Explore Lago Escondido by 4×4 with a knowledgeable guide. Follow ancient woodcutter trails through the Fuegian forest, which are impossible to access without a 4×4. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Fagnano before continuing on to Lake Escondido via an internal route.

After a briefing from your guide, you’ll board a canoe and begin paddling across the lake. For a lakeside barbecue lunch featuring prime beefsteaks, traditional Argentine sausage sandwiches, salad, Malbec wine, and dessert, head to Refugio de Tierra Mayor. If you’d prefer a vegetarian meal, let us know ahead of time. You’ll be taken back to your Ushuaia hotel after a satisfying meal and a long day of exploration.

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Paso Garibaldi

In the morning, we will leave from the hotel to take the famous route 3 that runs through part of the Cordillera Fueguina, which allows us to access the Paso Garibaldi. From here, we will see Escondido and Fagnano Lake.

Fagnano Lake – Lago Fagnano

We’ll begin our descent by abandoning the conventional path and following the old woodcutters’ trails. Using 4×4 trucks, we will be able to get to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. We’ll traverse forests on mud- and stone-strewn paths, overcoming all manner of obstacles along the way.

Arriving at Fagnano Lake will surprise us with its enormous size and the breathtaking scenery that engulfs it. Stopping at that lake, we’ll have a local asado to wash it all down with. Lunch is being prepared, so we can take a walk around the area to see the forest and beavers in their natural habitat.

Escondido Lake – Lago Escondido

We’ll continue our journey after lunch, but this time we’ll head to Escondido Lake via a different route. The water in this lake is a little shallower than in the other, but its unique ecosystem will still astound us when we visit it. We can go canoeing on Escondido Lake if we take this tour in the summer.

We’ll first meet our guides, get our canoes ready, and then paddle around the lake. We’ll look at the area in a new light. We’ll paddle back to where the vans were parked and take National Route 3 back to Ushuaia after paddling for 45 minutes. However, if you choose to have lunch in a winter shelter, you can go for a walk or go sledding while the food is being prepared.

If you’d like to do some additional activities like snowmobiling or husky sledding, we’ll take you to the Tierra Mayor Winter Center after lunch. A stay in the cozy hosteria overlooking Nevado Valley is an option if you so desire. We’ll drive back to Ushuaia from the winter center after we’ve had some fun.

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