La Marina de Paris Boat Tour with Lunch, Orsay Menu

What to do in Paris? Take a pleasant cruise down the Seine river whilst enjoying delicious French cuisine, with La Marina de Paris Boat Tour with Lunch, Orsay Menu. Bon appetit!


La Marina de Paris Boat Tour w/ Lunch / Orsay Menu

La Marina Lunch Cruise with Orsay Menu

Discover Paris by taking a pleasant cruise on the River Seine whilst enjoying a delicious lunch of French cuisine!

**Menu (example of menu, subject to modification)**

Tasting Plate of Starters:

– Block of duck foie gras, mango-pineapple compote, crisp raspberry chips

Or Assortment of starters:

– Mozarella and basil cream, parmesan crisps, small fresh tomatoes
– Duck foie gras with salt crystals, mango-pineapple compote
– Verrine of quinoa, yuzu-flavoured butterfly shrimp
– Crusty bread with black tapenade, fillet of red mullet, vegetable sprouts.

Choice of the main course:

– Poultry leg, baby roast potatoes, mini new vegetables
– Steamed hake steak, artichoke cream and slow-cooked yellow carrots
– Rump steak, pan-fried mixed vegetables, potato rosette (+7€)

Tasting Plate of Dessert:

– Chocolate-flavored crisp pralin feuillete, raspberry coulis

Or Assortment of desserts:

– Banana-salted butter caramel tart
– Vanilla custard and candied apricot
– Dark chocolate macaroon, crisp mikado
– Variety of strawberries, whipped cream and mini marshmallows


– ½ bottle of wine

Vegetarian Menu:

– Tomato gazpacho with basil and pine kernels, tender shoots in balsamic vinegar
– Baby roast potatoes, pan-fried mixed vegetables, artichoke cream
– Seasonal tutti frutti, pear purée, dark chocolate biscuit

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