Jet d’Eau

Geneva Water Fountain (‘Jet d’Eau’, meaning literally ‘water jet’), is the enormous fountain on Lake Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva Water Fountain is one of the world’s highest fountains. They originally constructed the fountain in 1886 to regulate and release the surplus pressure of a La Coulouvrenière hydraulic plant. It soon became the city’s notable symbol and was thus amplified and moved to the middle of the lake.

A specifically constructed nozzle on the Jet d’Eau gives the water its particular form and stark-white color. Air is pulled into the water stream near the base of the nozzle, which can be seen up close.

Geneva water fountain

After being connected to a new pumping system that received water straight from the lake in 1951, the fountain reached its current maximum height of 140 meters.

Today, it is one of the most noticeable landmarks of Geneva and part of the city’s skyline. It makes for great city photos as well!

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