Grand Canyon – South Rim SkyDiving

Leap out over the Grand Canyon South on a Grand Canyon Skydiving trip like no other! Treat yourself to an exhilarating Grand Canyon experience with this tandem skydiving trip. Fly through the sky and take in stunning views of the canyon from 15,000 feet. If you’re looking for a more extreme experience, you can learn to pull and fly your own chute. Optional add-ons include a bus tour to the Hoover Dam or a flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.


  • Skydive out over the Grand Canyon
  • 3 skydiving options available
  • Add on the photo and video options to share your memories with your friends!

Grand Canyon – South Rim SkyDiving

Experience the Grand Canyon like never before – Do a Tandem Skydive!

Paragon Skydive is the first and only company to offer tandem skydives at the Grand Canyon and is the second-highest dropzone in the world after Mt. Everest.

This is no ordinary skydive, with breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon, possibly the most awe-inspiring natural feature in the country, if not the world, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visitors can expect spectacular views of the Grand Canyon as they ascend to jump altitude.

Sitting on the edge of the plane and experiencing freefall is a major adrenaline rush like no other. The flight under the canopy is surprisingly peaceful, quiet, and surreal. Completed with a licensed and experienced Tandem Instructor they look after all the hard stuff so you can relax can enjoy the ride.

A tandem skydive is perfect for visitors; with no previous experience required, and pre-jump training provided, you can have the ultimate thrill while getting to see Grand Canyon from a completely different perspective!

We have a 100% commitment to safety. Our experienced instructors and pilots have thousands of jumps and hours, we only use brand new equipment and our procedures have passed the most stringent assessments to make us the only skydiving operation on an FAA towered airport in the country!

Seeing the Grand Canyon can be a life-changing experience, imagine the exhilaration of seeing it flying with a canopy. We want to give visitors an experience like no other, they can tick two things off their bucket list in one go!

We operate from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport at the South Rim and are open 364 days a year. Book your skydive at the Grand Canyon South

Naked Skydive (The skydive is Naked, not you…)

Includes: Tandem Skydive and Certificate of Achievement

Keeping it simple, you focus on doing the thing you came to do, jumping out of a moving aircraft at a high altitude. The flight up will give you breathtaking scenes over the Grand Canyon, the jump door will be opened and you get to the moment when it’s your turn to sit on the edge before taking the leap, attached to your experienced USPA-qualified instructor of the course. Freefall is the ultimate adrenaline rush and when the canopy opens you can take the time to enjoy the surreal experience of the flight swooping back down to earth.

Canyon Experience

Includes: Tandem Skydive and Photos and Video and Certificate of Achievement

This option includes your tandem skydive with still photos and digital video so you can relive your skydiving experience over and over…

Using wrist-mounted high-resolution cameras, our instructors capture your entire skydive experience for you to share with your friends and family. The Paragon Skydive video will include; a pre-flight interview, the amazing flight up, your free fall, canopy ride, and landing back at the airport. Our professional video editing staff will put together the best shots to the music of your choice*

We highly recommend a Video especially if it’s your first jump! This once-in-a-lifetime experience is not something you are going to want to forget. Video will be given to you on a USB for easy upload and sharing with friends.

* a selection of music will be available

Extreme Experience

Includes: Tandem Skydive and Photos and Video and Extreme Extras and Paragon Skydive T-Shirt and IMAX Movie Ticket and Certificate of Achievement

The Extreme Experience includes your tandem skydive, photos, and video, and only for real thrill-seekers….Pull and fly your own parachute!

The details within this document are commercial in confidence between Paragon Skydive and the intended recipient and are not to be shared with any third parties or members of the public.

At Paragon we offer you the chance to pull your own tandem parachute and fly it, all with the safety of your tandem instructor behind you. You will be given training on the ground on the procedures of pulling the parachute and steering methods before taking to the sky to experience this thrill.

You will also get one of Paragon Skydives’ exclusive awesome T-Shirts! Everyone will want one, not only can you show off to your friends that you skydived at the Grand Canyon – they look cool too 😉 To make your experience at the Canyon even more amazing, also included is a ticket to the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center’s – IMAX Movie: Grand Canyon – The Hidden Secrets, the most-watched IMAX movie of all time

Step by Step

When you arrive at the main terminal at your allocated time you will easily find the check-in desk. We will check through all your details and you can have the opportunity to change your jump type or add on videos or photos. Please note: You will be required to sign our waiver to jump.

You will be assigned a departure time and an instructor and suit up in our quality windproof gear and/or cold weather clothing dependent on the time of the year you are jumping.

It is recommended that you wear casual clothing that is not restrictive; something that you would normally wear for light exercise is ideal.

In the summer months, it may be warm enough to jump in a t-shirt. We will provide you with trousers to wear on top of your own clothes to protect your own clothes from dust on landing.

Closed-toe, flat, footwear such as sneakers or trainers are ESSENTIAL. We cannot let you jump with flip-flops, sandals, high heels, or heavy boots.

In the winter months, please ensure you wear warm full-length clothing. It can get up to freezing temperatures on the rim of the Grand Canyon. We will provide you with technical outerwear and inner fleece layers and gloves. We recommend bringing your own warm non-peaked hat, beanies will be available to purchase.

Please ensure you remember to wear flat closed footwear such as sports shoes, you will not be able to jump otherwise.

Your tandem instructor will introduce themselves and complete an assessment on whether you can safely jump. They will check your harness and start the training and video interview before taking you to the aircraft!

If any questions you have, ask your instructor, they’re here to help and address concerns.

You will get all the important goggles and move over to training.

Your Tandem Instructor will go through training in relation to all stages of the skydive including; what will happen at what time and body positions for the exit, freefall, and landing. Your Tandem Instructor will perform last-minute checks.

After walking to the jump aircraft, you will be greeted by our friendly pilot. You have about a 30 min flight where you can relax and enjoy views of the Grand Canyon.

Your tandem instructor will indicate when to get ready, attach your harness, and double-check everything to get ready.

The moment of truth… the jump door will be opened, and you will both move over to the edge of the aircraft, get into the right body position, and get ready to drop!

You will land as per your training in the designated landing area on the airport grounds and be welcomed back to terra firma by our Ground Control Assistant. We will grab the equipment and drive you back to the main terminal.

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