Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is a major heritage attraction in Wales, UK, as well as an internationally significant landmark.

Located in the middle of the capital, within magnificent parklands. Cardiff Castle’s walls and fairy-tale towers conceal 2,000 years of history as a Roman fort, Norman stronghold, and Victorian Gothic masterpiece.

Private Day Tour of South Wales, including Cardiff & Caerphilly Castle.

The Castle you see today, in the heart of the capital city, is a Roman fort, a magnificent Norman castle, and a magnificent Victorian Gothic dream palace built for one of the world’s wealthiest men.

For the 3rd Marquess of Bute in the nineteenth century, art-architect William Burges built a medieval dream-world; the results are truly breath-taking, with magnificent interiors rich in gold, exquisite wood carving, paintings, and stained glass. The beautiful fairy-tale apartments, rich with frescoes, gilding, and exquisite wood carvings, stained glass, and marble, are the ideal Victorian medieval dream world.

Allow plenty of time for your tour, with the exposed Roman Wall to see, the medieval Keep to climb, and the dramatic Wartime Shelters to explore.

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