Bike Historic Bangkok Tour

Have a blast with our Bike Historic Bangkok Tour and enjoy biking along the streets of Bangkok to see the city’s architecture. By bike, explore the lesser-known Thonburi side of Bangkok and discover neighborhoods that few tourists get to see.

Bangkok Historical Highlights on a Bike

With an authentic cultural experience and a fun day of cycling, this tour reveals the true heart of old Bangkok. Bike through back alleys, across bridges, through bustling markets, and past majestic temples.

Exploring the city by bike rapidly reveals that Bangkok is much more than congested streets and high-rise skyscrapers. From the comfort of your bike, explore ancient temples and river life along the Chao Phraya.

Many people wonder how we found our way through the maze of streets we take you through; the answer is simple: we’ve cycled the area for years and have investigated every little path we can locate. No one understands historic Bangkok better than we do, and our Bike Historic Bangkok bike tour is the greatest way to see this amazing old area! We guarantee that we will take you to areas on a bike that you would never find on your own.


  • Historic Bangkok shows the true heart of this bustling city.
  • Cycle along the back roads and lanes to discover that there is more to this city than big roads full of traffic.

Bike Historic Bangkok Tour

Historic Bangkok demonstrates this busy city’s, true heart. Cycle back streets and tiny lanes to find that alongside high-rise structures there is more to this town than large highways complete of traffic.

Bike Historic Bangkok Tours : Pedal Through the Old City of Bangkok

You will find ancient temples and life along the Chao Phraya River and in the small streets that make up much of the town while riding the quiet’ soi’ and lanes.

Many individuals are asking us how we discovered our way through the street maze we’re taking you on – the response is straightforward: we’re riding every little street we can find. Developing this trip took years to create literarily. No one like us understands historic Bangkok!

This trip is to visit the islands of Thonburi and Rattanakosin.

We provide all you need, including a specialist guide, a helmet, light bicycles, and insurance. If you’re searching for a distinctive Bangkok experience, that’s it!

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