Bangkok Food Adventures by Bike

Take part Bangkok Food Adventures by Bike and have fun sampling the best local cuisines while getting to know the rich history and culture of Bangkok!

• Come hungry and prepared to explore the backstreets of Bangkok in a bike to eat local food like the locals.
• We promise not to take you to any famous places or tourist spots.

Bangkok Food Adventures by Bike

Come hungry and get ready to explore Bangkok’s backstreets on a bicycle to eat local food like the locals. We promise that you will not be taken to any renowned sites or tourist spots. Only the places haunted by normal Bangkokians.

Cycling through deserted markets in Bangkok and back streets, you’ll taste the fare of various cuisines provided by Bangkok colonists–Indian, Chinese, and Thai. This culinary exploration of Bangkok begins after the market traders have closed their stalls enabling you to cycle through the backstreets of the royal district of Rattanakosin Island, the Indian and Chinese city alleys, then across the river meandering the Old Bangkok or Krung Thonburi streets.

We promise to have something delicious for everyone to eat. Welcome to vegetarians. Come cycle with us to uncover another side of the food culture of Bangkok.

This trip is not appropriate for kids under the age of 12 riding alone, as cycling is at night and in market regions. Children can participate in child seats or a tag-along ride.

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