Bangkok Canal Boat and Bike Tour

Come join our Bangkok Canal Boat and Bike Tour and see the best of the city. Watch a very interesting form of traditional Thai puppetry.


  • Travel through the backwaters of old Bangkok by boat and pedal back through the oldest parts of the city.
  • Visit Khlong Bang Luang, the Artist’s Village, Wat Hongrattanaram, and Wat Kalayanamit.
  • At the Artist’s house, you will be treated to a performance of a very intriguing form of traditional Thai puppetry.

Bangkok Canal Boat & Bike Tour

Starting from ‘New Bangkok’, you’ll travel along the Chao Phraya River, the Kings River past the Grand Palace, and Wat Arun, the Dawn Temple, before joining a canal labyrinth. You’ll glimpse the past of Bangkok when it was a canal city that earned it East Venice’s name.

You’ll discover yourself in an ancient trading middle along the canal when you step out of the ship. A brief journey around this society takes you to a few rarely visited historic temples that are distinctive and exciting.

Bangkok Klong (Canal) Boat & Bike Tour

Before visiting the local canal-side market and an Artist’s House, enjoy an easy Thai dinner alongside the canal. Performance of a very fascinating type of traditional Thai puppetry will be handled at the Artist’s House.

After stating goodbye to the puppets and the market, your guide will bring you through Bangkok’s back streets and winding alleys through the “Old Bangkok” core to visit some truly amazing temples rarely visited by visitors. The trip wraps up with a trip through Rattanakosin Island, going back to ‘New Bangkok.’

Khlong Bang Luang, the Village of the Artist, Wat Hongrattanaram, and Wat Kalayanamit are visiting this tour.

We provide all you need, including a specialist guide, a helmet, light bicycles, and insurance. If you’re searching for a distinctive Bangkok experience, that’s it!

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