Oahu Adventure Tour to Kaneohe Bay

Oahu Adventure Tour to Kaneohe Bay

Try every water activity at Kaneohe Bay! Enjoy yourself and have fun!

• Kaneohe Bay
• Catamaran Cruise
• Banana Boat Ride
• Turtle Watching
• Snorkeling
• Jetskiing
• Water Volleyball
• Windsurfing

Oahu Adventure Tour to Kaneohe Bay

Honolulu – Kaneohe Bay – Honolulu
Today your wonderful Hawaiian adventure begins after we pick you up at your hotel and transport you to Kaneohe Bay. Here you’ll be able to choose from the following activities to enjoy the lovely Hawaiian waters!

Catamaran Cruise
• Enjoy a scenic and lovely cruise around Kaneohe Bay to get acquainted with the fantastic marine world that surrounds Hawaii.
Jet Ski Ride
• Ride over the waves solo or with a partner on a high-powered jet ski!
Banana Ride
• Hop aboard with your friends on our inflatable Banana Boat and enjoy a fantastic ride over the ocean!
Bumper Tube Ride
• Zoom (and splash) across Kaneohe Bay on the back of a inner tube as a speedboat pulls you! Hold on tight and feel the wind (and water) in your hair as you enjoy this exhilarating, adrenaline filled ride!
Turtle Watching
• Get up close and personally see the wonderful turtles that populate Kaneohe Bay!
• Grab your paddle and slide into a canoe to explore the waters of Kaneohe Bay with a partner or solo.
• Dive under the waves and see firsthand the wonderful underwater world that makes Hawaii such a spectacular place to visit! All equipment is provided.
• Want to experience the next level of surfing? Then hop on a board and grab your sail to catch the fantastic waves Hawaii is so famous for!
Water Volleyball
• Get a team together of your family and friends for a competitive volleyball match in the sandbars of Kaneohe Bay.

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