Hanoi City Tour and Cooking Class - 1 Day

Hanoi City Tour and Cooking Class

Have a great opportunity to see the most famous spots in Hanoi! Enjoy Hanoi City Tour and Cooking Class with your friends and family!

• Have lunch at a local restaurant in Hanoi old quarter.
• Know more about Hanoi people and their daily lives.
• Visit a local market and lacquer workshop in Hanoi.

Hanoi City Tour and Cooking Class

8:15: Pagoda of Tran Quoc & West Lake

Around 8 AM, your bus and tour guide will pick you up from the hotel in the old quarter and drive to visit Tran Quoc Pagoda.

Tran Quoc Pagoda is situated on an island with 1500 years of history east of West Lake (Tay Ho district), which is considered to be the oldest in Thang Long-Hanoi. In the Ly and Tran dynasties, it was the Buddhist centre of the Thang Long citadel. Tran Quoc Pagoda is famous for its holy Buddha land with its historical and architectural values, which draws many Buddhists and tourists to Vietnam.

Hanoi City Tour

9:15: Complex Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh Complex Visit. 10:45: Ethnology Museum of Vietnam

This is the most recent and possibly the largest museum in Hanoi and Vietnam, and certainly the most important.

There is both an outdoor and an indoor section. Although the in-house show is particularly insightful, the museum stands out from the rest due to the outdoor display and activities. There are a number of houses modelled on the traditional architecture of ethnic minorities, especially those living in the highlands of the North and Central Highlands. 12:15 pm: Time for lunch

13:30: The Literature Temple (The first university in Vietnam)

The Temple of Literature was known as an ancient historical-cultural heritage, being an ancient Thang Long school and the first university in Vietnam, which gives tourists a deeper understanding of Hanoi’s years of culture and tradition.

14:45: Relic of Hoa Lo jail

Speaker: Hoa Lo prison – 1 of Southeast Asia’s 5 scariest locations

Established in 1896, it is (one of the highest and strongest political prisons in Indochina at that time).

From 1896 to 1954, the French confined mostly political prisoners here. Clients will see how political prisoners were tortured by the French. They will also hear about the efforts of Vietnamese political prisoners during their visit.

This is also where the American pilots from 1964 to 1973 were shot down. This prison was dubbed “Hanoi Hiton hotel” by American pilots. Up until 1973, McCain, a US senator, was also incarcerated here. There are 3 choices for customers to choose from:

OPT1: Cooking class in Hanoi—Helping customers appreciate Hanoi cuisine.

Our trip gives you a wonderful experience with a chance to go to the market under the guidance of a talented chef to make a special Hanoi meal yourself. OPT2: Water Marionette Demonstration

OPT3: Area Tour of Hanoi

Here the tour ends.

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