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Alfama Small Group Walking Tour

Alfama Small Group Walking Tour
Alfama Small Group Walking Tour

Take a small group walking tour of the Alfama quarter in Lisbon. Visit the SÌ© Cathedral and Church of Saint Vincent.

• Take a leisurely stroll through the Alfama quarter
• Visit Lisbon Cathedral and the Monastery of Saint Vincent
• Enjoy some of the best views of the city from the Graça viewpoint
• Explore the maze-like streets of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood: Alfama

Alfama Small Group Walking Tour

Explore Alfama, Lisbon’s medieval quarter – famous for its Fado culture and narrow maze-like streets – on a three-hour narrated walking tour. We’ll begin at the Miradouro da Graça, where you can admire one of the best views of the city of Lisbon. Then proceed with your guide to Alfama. During the tour your guide will provide you with detailed information on the history of Alfama and the social issues that the community faces today, plus topics ranging from current events in Portugal to the city’s culinary traditions, and much more.

This tour is conducted by a certified local guide whose mission is to inform travelers on what they need to know to enhance their stay in Lisbon, and to promote Portugal’s culture and heritage. From recommendations of things to do in the city, to insider advice on how to get around, to other places you’d like to visit during your stay, feel free to ask your guide anything. A coffee or ice cream break halfway through the tour is also included.

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Lisbon is Portugal’s coastal capital, also known as ‘the city of seven hills’. This is actually inaccurate, as Lisbon is sitting on eight hills (the eighth one being the tallest – Graça). But, don’t worry, a discrepancy in number of hills will definitely not affect your visit to this wonderful city.

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Portugal is a small European country on the Atlantic Ocean, sharing Iberian Peninsula with Spain. The country’s position at the sea has shaped its past and present and will inevitably shape its future. Portugal was major maritime power during 16th to 19th century and this has left deep impact into its culture and history.

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