Yucatan Cenotes Adventure Tour

Yucatan Cenotes Adventure Tour

Discover the stunning cenotes of the Yucatan with a Cancun tour along the route of cenotes.

Yucatan Cenotes Adventure Tour

The route of the cenotes gives you an extensive variety of cenotes from which you will visit a completely open cenote, another closed and another that keeps a whole history in its depths because in him were the fossils of a giant lazy bear of the era of Ice.

This magical place also invites you to fly over the treetops in its 500 mts of zip lines, hiking, cycling to go from one cenote to another, rest, but above all you explore a beautiful place within the jungle.

Each stay in the different cenotes lasts from 30 to 40 min. Depending on the group to operate and it can be from 2 to 10 participants. The food is a delight as you will not stop asking for rich yucatecan stew tacos, accompany them with flavored water and fresh fruit.

The Cenotes Adventure offers you a whole day of fun and exploration through the beautiful jungle of the Caribbean on the well-known Route of the Cenotes.

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