Top-to-Bottom Hoover Dam Tour with Colorado River Float - 1 Day

op-to-Bottom Hoover Dam Tour with Colorado River Float

Make your Hoover Dam tour a top to bottom experience by adding our float trip at the base of the dam!

• See the amazing Hoover Dam by land and on river.
• Learn history and myths surrounding Vegas as you leave the city and your adventure begins.
• Cruise by historic Boulder City, known for housing builders of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s.
• Take the Lower Portal Road from the Lake Mead Overlook down to the banks of the Colorado River.
• Climb aboard your raft and begin your unique journey along the majestic Colorado River.
• Visit the dam`s auditorium to watch a film about the engineering marvel that is the Hoover Dam.
• Learn about physics, geology, and more from hands-on exhibits at the Visitor Center.
• Explore the passageways and incredible behind-the-scenes systems of the Hoover Dam Power Plant.
• Get a breathtaking view of the dam and its powerful jet-flow gates from the observation tower.
• Get a glimpse of the dam`s original gauging station and old-time dynamite storage bunkers.
• Take in the magnificent views of the Hoover Dam and the beautiful Black Canyon from above.
• Before your tour ends, take a photo of the huge (and unbelievable!) Hoover Dam Bypass.

Top-to-Bottom Hoover Dam Tour with Colorado River Float

What if you could see the Hoover Dam by Trekker and boat, with your Tour Guide? Explore the Hoover Dam and its landscape from both land and river with this Hoover Dam tours package. See the majesty of this man-made engineering wonder by floating across the Colorado River.

This Hoover Dam tours provided by Pink Jeep Tours has you traveling in luxury from door to door. Step outside your Las Vegas hotel to find a signature Tour Trekker waiting to take you on your expedition. While on your way to the Hoover Dam, you will hear a narrated story of this famous area`s history and urban legends from your tour guide.

Spot important landmarks from your window. Cruise by historic Boulder City, known for housing all the builders of the Hoover Dam, and enjoy the view of the clear waters of Lake Mead.

Step inside the Hoover Dam auditorium for a professional film presentation. Discover the history and engineering science behind the building of the Hoover Dam. Interactive exhibits throughout the Visitor Center bring a hands-on approach to understanding the physics and geology of this landscape.

Explore the Hoover Dam Power Plant. You`ll have access to well-lit passageways overlooking the massive machines that keep the Hoover Dam running. Listen as a tour guide explains the construction plan for the Hoover Dam as well as the daily operational procedures that go into maintaining this engineering marvel.

Your Hoover Dam tour continues outside onto the Hoover Dam observation tower. The sight of the Hoover Dam from this lookout is always breathtaking. Study how the Hoover Dam holds back Lake Mead through its jet-flow gates. Imagine how it looked when the Lake`s water level was almost to the top of this great Dam. Don`t forget to take pictures of this marvelous manmade accomplishment.

Now for the rarest of experiences on this Hoover Dam tours. Time to switch your mode of transportation. From the astounding landscape of Lake Mead Overlook, you`ll be transported to the vibrant waters of the Colorado River by van on the Lower Portal Road. This preserved road still showcases the original gauging station used to measure water level and flow as well as the dynamite storage bunkers used during the dam`s construction. It`s like you`re traveling back in time, seeing what the construction workers saw each day on their way to work building the Hoover Dam.

Climb aboard your raft and float along the Colorado River. This guided tour gives you exclusive, close-up views of the Hoover Dam and Black Canyon. What`s cooler than the wind blowing through your hair as you lean back to look up at the Hoover Dam?

Before you board your Tour Trekker to return to Las Vegas you`ll have the opportunity to photograph the famous Mike O-Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

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