Third Reich and Nazi Berlin Bike Tour - 1 Day

Third Reich and Nazi Berlin Bike Tour

Third Reich and Nazi Germany Bike Tour features Comfortable cruiser or city-style bike, Helmet, Experienced, English-speaking guide.

• Air Raid Shelter
• Reichstag
• Urban Ruins
• Bebelplatz
• Nazi Architecture

Third Reich and Nazi Berlin Bike Tour

This powerful tour explores Berlin as the capital city of Nazi Germany. We’ll visit the former Jewish quarter, location of Nazi bunkers, an air raid shelter, anti-aircraft installations, war-damaged buildings, Nazi resistance monuments, WWII battlefields, and more.

By the end of the tour you will:

• Come understand the circumstances that allowed a maniac like Hitler to achieve power.R
• Realize both the grim fate that awaited the victims of the Holocaust and grasp what life was like for ordinary citizens.
• Draw the connection from the end of World War I to Hitler`s rise and consequently his fall to the building of the Berlin Wall.
• See the impact the Third Reich and WWII still have on Berlin, specifically by exploring the destroyed remnants of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and Berlin`s old main train station.

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Berlin is a perfect mix of history, culture and modern, dynamic life events. Its turbulent history in 20th century through Second World War and later being divided during Cold War era left behind reminders such a Holocaust museum and Berlin Wall.

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More info about Germany:

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Germany is a country in Western Europe. It stretches in the south from Austria and in the north to North and Baltic Sea. This is a country of beautiful and diverse landscapes of forests, mountains and rivers. Its capital, Berlin, is a modern city with waste cultural heritage and bustling art and nightlife scene.

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