Tequila, Tortillas, Volcanoes and Archaeology Day Trip

Tequila, Tortillas, Volcanoes and Archaeology Day Trip

• Take a panoramic tour of Cactlan Valley
• See the lava beds near El Ceboruco Volcano
• Discover pre-Columbian Indian Ruins
• See how tequila is harvested and crafted
• Enjoy a tequila tasting

Tequila, Tortillas, Volcanoes and Archaeology Day Trip

Puerto Vallarta – Ricon de Guayabitos – Ixtland del Rio – Tequila – Puerto Vallarta
Combine history, food, tequila, and volcanoes in a single tour like no other. This tour takes you on an in-depth look at Mexican culture and history, answering such questions as, what was life like before Columbus? Or, where does tequila get its name? And, what is it made of?

Join us on an epic journey to answer all these questions and more. We’ll start things off with a scrumptious buffet breakfast in Rincon de Guaybitos. Then, once our bellies are full, we’ll take a panoramic tour of the Cacltan Valley and the city of Compostella. From here we’ll stop at the lava beds near El Ceboruco Volcano.

Then, we’ll travel back in time with a trip to the Ixtlan del Rio Pre-Columbian Indian Ruins for an educational look at Mexico’s history. After learning about the time before Columbus and the diverse cultures that thrived here, we’ll travel to the town of Tequila, where the national drink of Mexico gets its name. We’ll visit “Tequila La Cofradia,” one of the most famous distilleries in Mexico.

Here we’ll discover the Tequila making process from harvest to bottle. No tour here would be complete without a tasting of the final product, a treat we bet you’ll enjoy. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant (own expense).

Afterwards, we’ll return to Puerto Vallarta, ending our enriching journey.
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