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Temaiken Zoo Tour - 1 Day

Temaiken Zoo Tour
Temaiken Zoo Tour

Join our 1-Day Buenos Aires Argentina Temaik̬n Park Zoo Tour and you will see various animals and sea creatures!

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Temaiken Zoo Tour

In this trip to the Temaiken Park you’ll get to see a fantastic array of wildlife in each of the park’s Continental biospheres featuring species from Africa, Asia, and the local South American animals of Patagonia and Mesopotamia!

Departing from Buenos Aires we’ll travel to the park’s home town of Belen de Escobar, just nestled between the Tigre and Pilar rivers, and enter this wonderful park. This “cage free” park allows visitors to get up close to the wildlife without disturbing the natural aura of the park. As we wander through the amazing exhibits, you’ll have the chance pass through the various aquatic viewing centers to see fascinating salt and fresh water creatures swimming through their environment, from hippopotamuses to penguins to sharks!

On the warmer days, relax along the zoo’s pathways that are lined with large misting fans to help cool you down! There are also numerous places to sit and relax in the shade as well as many restaurants and snack bars to grab a quick bite. For those interested in learning more about the animals, the park features interactive and multimedia centers to educate visitors.

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