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Sintra and Cascais Day Trip from Lisbon - 1 Day

Sintra and Cascais Day Trip from Lisbon
Sintra and Cascais Day Trip from Lisbon

Explore the romantic palaces, lush forests and gardens of Sintra on this must-do scenic day trip from Lisbon.

• Explore the fairytale palaces and gardens of Sintra
• Look inside the magical Pena Palace
• Drive the narrow lanes of the Sintra Hills
• Go to the westernmost point of mainland Europe: Cabo da Roca
• Stop in the elegant resort town of Cascais
• Marvel at the windswept villages of the Estoril Coast

Sintra and Cascais Day Trip from Lisbon

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a day trip from Lisbon to Sintra and Cascais, 2 small villages within easy access of the city center, and located in an area of protected natural beauty.

Following pick-up from your hotel, drive to Sintra Hills, home to fairy-tale palaces and castles. Look inside Pena Palace, considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Enjoy a pleasant walk in the grounds, and admire views of Lisbon on the horizon from its balconies.

Next, we’ll explore the picture-postcard village of Sintra, stopping to taste the local pastries and shop for souvenirs. Continue to Cabo da Roca to stand at the westernmost point of mainland Europe. Then we’ll drive down narrow roads far from the tourist crowds.

Traveling along the coast road, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Tagus River, we’ll stop at the fishing village of Cascais, transformed into a home for kings-in-exile and a site of espionage during World War II. Return to Lisbon along the magnificent Avenida Marginal, enjoying views of the Estoril Coast along the way.
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Lisbon is Portugal’s coastal capital, also known as ‘the city of seven hills’. This is actually inaccurate, as Lisbon is sitting on eight hills (the eighth one being the tallest – Graça). But, don’t worry, a discrepancy in number of hills will definitely not affect your visit to this wonderful city.

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