San Juan Market Gastronomic Tour

Join us for a Mexico City food tour to San Juan Market, a culinary and a cultural experience all in one.

San Juan Market Gastronomic Tour

The markets of Mexico City offer a unique glimpse into the daily life, traditions and cultures of one of the largest cities in the world.

In this tour you will visit the San Juan market, in the historic downtown. This market is particularly known for food shopping and is one of the most popular markets in the city for professional chefs and foodies. Expect to find high-end products, unusual ingredients and imported food.

There’s a section for vegetables, an area dedicated to fresh seafood, and almost any kind of meat is available too, from standards like goat and duck to wild boar, crocodile and even armadillo. An excellent way to learn more about Mexican food secrets and a unique way to engage with the Mexican culture. You’ll have the chance to try new flavors, textures and foods.

Additionally, you will visit the Ciudadela, the most exciting handcrafts market in Mexico City. In this beautiful market you will find the best handcrafts and arts from all over Mexico.

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