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Sabor a Tango Dinner Show in Buenos Aires - 1 Day

Sabor a Tango Dinner Show in Buenos Aires
Sabor a Tango Dinner Show in Buenos Aires

Fuel your passion with a night of tango in Buenos Aires, complete with a beginner‰Ûªs tango lesson, dinner, and a magnificent floor show!

• Buenos Aires
• Sabor a Tango
• El Patio de la Morocha Hall
• Dine on delicious Argentine and international cuisine.

Sabor a Tango Dinner Show in Buenos Aires

For those who are not satisfied with simply watching a performance, Sabor a Tango is the perfect venue to take up the art of the tango. Located in the former Palazzo Rosina, famous for hosting the legendary L’Operatti opera guild, the 27,000 square foot building now devotes its entire structure to tango.

A visit here not only allows you to see amazing performances by professional dancers and partake in an exquisite dinner of the best Argentine and international cuisine in the city, but also a chance to learn the dance from the best! The El Patio de la Morocha hall is specially devoted to teach Milonga Italia Unita, a style fit for any dance halls you visit in Buenos Aires!

After your lesson and dinner, prepare to be dazzled by the stunning performances at the Sabor a Tango!

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Argentina is a huge South American country with land stretching from the mountains of the Andes, through glacial lakes and the grassland of Pampas to the Argentine Sea in the South Atlantic Ocean and from Iguazu Falls in the north all the way to the ‘End of the World’ in Ushuaia.

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