Private Victoria and Butchart Gardens Tour with Seattle Ferry - 1 Day

Private Victoria and Butchart Gardens Tour with Seattle Ferry

Enjoy a stunning day trip from Vancouver to Victoria and Butchart Gardens! Take a scenic Victoria tour like no other complete with a ferry ride to Seattle.

• BC Parliament
• Fairmont Express Hotel
• Victoria Harbor
• Butchart Gardens
• Ferry to Seattle
• Private Tour
• All-inclusive

Private Victoria and Butchart Gardens Tour with Seattle Ferry

The trip to Victoria and Butchart Gardens begins with your personal local guide (who may also be your tour driver) picking you up at your Vancouver hotel. Please note that it is essential to be on time in the hotel room to avoid missing the ferry. Upon departure, the bus (or the vehicle) will arrive at the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. The ferry provides many on-board services such as a buffet, a restaurant, a coffee shop, stores for souvenirs and even free Wi-Fi.

Victoria City is a British Columbia capital located on Vancouver Island. The island was home to the indigenous people, the local individuals. The southern portion of the island was populated by many aboriginal families and split into several groups based on their dialects. Some geographical names still bear the distinctive character of the First Nations. When British Columbia became the Dominion of Canada’s sixth province in 1871, it was announced that Victoria was the province’s capital. Today, victoria is British Columbia’s educational, tourism and political center. The town is proud to be Canada’s striking heritage site with its mixture of wild nature and the picture of a contemporary “British” town.

Victoria is known as the “City of Gardens.” The roads are adorned with flowers, trees and tiny parks to make you seem to be in a enormous garden with some of a city’s components. Our first stop will be in the renowned Butchart Gardens where you can see different types of crops and flowers based on the portion of the garden in which you are.

The Butchart Gardens excursion is accompanied by a trip to the BC Parliament and a meeting with the lovely Fairmont Hotel’s ancient construction.

First of all, one may believe our trip is about culture, architecture, and history, but Victoria has much more to give. You will be able to meet the wild nature and get closer to it in this town, full of British spirit. We always bring food for the Victoria Wharf residents. The seals attract tourists to feed them and are a major component of our versatile Victoria Tour.

Your guide will bring you to the Victoria Ferry Terminal on your way to Seattle by the end of the trip. Please note that in order to enter the USA, this trip needs suitable records.

Seattle is Washington State’s biggest town. Due to the lush evergreen trees growing in the state, the town is often called “Emerald City.” Despite the fact that the town is not an real capital, it is North-West America’s cultural and economic hub. If you choose this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see the famous Space Needle, get to know the stories of financial giants like Amazon and Microsoft, and have a cup of coffee at the world’s first Starbucks café.

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Destination Seattle Seattle, Washington is sitting at one of America’s most lovely places. It is the largest town in the Pacific Northwest, occupying a tight land bridge between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, with four million individuals calling the region home.

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The US is a huge country comprising of 50 states in North America, bordering with Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. It’s an amazingly diverse country (expression ‘melting pot’ came from the US) that attracts millions of tourists every year and it tops world tourism rankings for decades.

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