Private 2-hour Walking Tour of Bratislava with official tour guide

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Enjoy a private walking tour of Bratislava with your private official guide and learn about the best of the city’s attractions. The Staré Mesto, Bratislava’s oldest neighborhood, will be the focus of this excursion. We’ll see the city’s most popular museums on our tour.

The journey begins at the Grassalkovich Palace in the ancient neighborhood of Staré Mesto. Obchodná Street, Bratislava’s main shopping thoroughfare, will be our route from here to St. Michael’s Tower. Our next stop is Bratislava City Museum, where we’ll see the Main Square, the Old Town Hall, and the City Hall.

It is only fitting that our next stop is the Old Slovak National Theater, a performing arts center that features a variety of productions, including opera, ballet, and other types of music. The Bibiana Gallery in Panska Street is a fascinating and quirky place to see as we cross the Nov Most bridge over the Danube.

Private 2-hour Walking Tour of Bratislava with official tour guide


St. Michael’s Tower & Street

Sightseeing the tower and the street with your official tour guide.

Between 1753 and 1758, the original gothic tower’s roof was reworked to give it its current, baroque appearance. The stunning view of the Old Town from the tower’s topmost terrace, which is 51 meters high, is one of Bratislava’s best visitor experiences.

The archangel Michael, who is seen defeating a dragon on the statue atop the tower, reigns supreme. The Museum of Arms is the only way to get to the tower; check for the replica cannon on the ground floor. Bratislava has 29 world capitals within a “zero kilometer” of its gate, which is marked on the pavement.

St. Martin’s Cathedral (Dom Svateho Martina)

Visit the cathedral from the outside.

Bratislava’s St. Martin’s Cathedral is one of its most recognizable landmarks. Built in the 12th century, it quickly became the center of daily activity. In the 13th century, a Roman structure was renovated into a Gothic structure, which has lasted ever since.

Following the streets Kapitulská or Ventrska are within walking distance of the cathedral. It is located in Rudnayovo námestie Square.

There are two ways to get to the castle from this location: stroll along the street and beneath the bridge. A pedestrian walkway leads to idovská, a street in the neighborhood. For further information on how to go to the Bratislava castle, please see this link.

The Grassalkovich palace – Presidential palace

The palace is the residence of the president of Slovakia.

It was built in 1760 for the head of the Hungarian Royal Chamber, Count Anton Grassalkovich, and an advisor to Empress Maria Theresa. Aristocratic society gatherings were held in the opulent mansion. On Hodovo Square, behind the Presidential Palace (Grassalkovich Palace), is a lovely park with mature trees and green meadows that were once the palace’s gardens.

For anyone looking for some peace and quiet in the middle of the city, this former French formal garden is a great option. They include an Empress on horseback, the Fountain of Youth by Tibor Bártfay, and avant-garde sculptures by modern artists.. It’s a safe place for children to run around because dogs and bicycles are not permitted (there is also a small playground). Opening hours are from dawn to sunset, year-round, and accessible via Stefanikova or Banskobrystrická Streets.

Obchodna (ulica) Street

Obchodna Street is the main shopping artery of Bratislava. Known as Obchodna Ulica. it is one of the city’s busiest commercial thoroughfares and is home to numerous businesses and restaurants. After the end of World War I, the street became a hive of activity as the economy began to recover. There are a wide variety of shops, from H&M and jewelry stores to herbal and Slovak souvenir shops, on the street, which may be accessed through St. Michael’s gate. Traditional regional cuisine can also be found at restaurants and bakeries, as well as in local taverns.

The old Slovak National Theater

The ancient structure that houses the Slovak National Theater can be found in the middle of the Old Town in Bratislava. It is located at the eastern end of the Hviezdoslavovo Namestie, immediately behind the Ganymede Fountain. You may reach this location on foot in fewer than six minutes if you are coming from St. Martin’s Cathedral.

In 1886, the magnificent structure was constructed in accordance with plans drawn up by the architect Ferdinand Fellner the Elder. J. and Hermann Helmer were responsible for its completion. Even after all this time, the structure maintains the luster it had on the very first day it was occupied. It was able to hold our attention from the very first second. Below the cornice, in five figural recesses, were busts of famous poets. This was an element that really appealed to us.

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