Potsdam Bike Tour from Berlin

Potsdam Bike Tour from Berlin

Potsdam Bike Tour features comfortable cruiser or city-style bike, Cecilienhof Palace entrance fees, and audio guide. The best day trips from Berlin.

• Chinese Tea House
• Dutch Quater
• Spy Bridge
• New Palace
• Orangerie Palace
• Sanssouci Palace
• Historic Windmill
• Park Sanssouci
• Cecilienhof Palace

Potsdam Bike Tour from Berlin

Potsdam is Berlin’s most popular day-trip destination and for good reason. It’s a veritable playground for biking with many Prussian and Cold War sights tucked deep in parks and along quiet alleyways. Come prepared for an action-filled day!

We start by taking the train from our TV Tower shop for the 25+ km journey to Potsdam, where your bike will be waiting for you. In 6.5 – 7 hours, including transport time, our tour covers about 16 km (10 miles) so there is a bit more biking than our other tours; however, Potsdam is also quite flat with lots of sights and stops.

Here are some of the many reasons why we think you’ll love our Potsdam Bike Tour:

• Realizing that with its 20+ palaces, numerous parks and gardens, unique WWII and Cold War history, and distinct present-day flair, Potsdam is far more than the Versailles of Berlin, but rather earning of its UNESCO World Heritage status in many ways.

• Appreciating the power, lifestyle, and grandeur of the Hohenzollern legacy through their various lavish gardens, parks, and palaces.

• Understanding the impact the Potsdam Agreement (signed at Cecilienhof) had on Europe to close out World War II and foreshadowing an era of tension and distrust in the ensuing Cold War. Entry and audio guide into Cecilienhof Palace are included and we give you plenty of time to explore the interior!

• Comparing the Potsdam of today – a vibrant university city filled with creative minds and energy – against the backdrop of life under communism behind the Iron Curtain.

At the end of our tour we will journey on the train back to our shop in Alexanderplatz.

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