Mexico City Tour with Anthropology Museum

1 Day

Explore the stunning history and culture of Mexico’s capital with a Mexico City tour complete with a visit to the Anthropology Museum. Mexico City’s historic core and the National Museum of Anthropology are included in a half-day guided trip. The National Palace, the Zócalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and more will all be discussed in detail by your tour guide. You’ll learn about the city and the people of Mexico.


  • Half-day Mexico City tour with a driver/guide
  • Visit the must-see sites of the capital
  • Admission to the National Museum of Anthropology
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off included

Mexico City Tour with Anthropology Museum

Mexico City was built in the years following the conquest in 1521, on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire, in the middle of the now drained Lake Texcoco.

Nowadays it´s the oldest capital city of the Americas with a metropolitan area that counts around 24 million inhabitants (depending on where the limits of the metropolitan area are set). Mexico City, with its distinct mestizo culture, blending native Indian (Nahuatl) and Spanish heritages, has become one of the most dynamic and exciting cities of the world.

Mexico City Half-Day Tour with Museum of Anthropology

To know Mexico you need to know Mexico City!

This guided tour will take you to the historical center of Mexico City, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage. Your visit will include the “Zocalo”, the heart of the city, where you will visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the oldest and largest of the Americas, and the National Palace, where you can admire the famous murals of Diego Rivera.

You will also see the ruins of the Templo Mayor, one of the most important temples of the Aztecs in their ancient capital city of Tenochtitlan. The Templo Mayor is thought to be located on the exact spot where the Aztecs saw the eagle perching on a cactus with a snake in its beak. This symbolized for the Aztecs that they had reached their promised land. We will also visit a crafts shop where you will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs.

Finally, before returning to your hotel, we will take a drive down the iconic Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.

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