Madrid Paella, Tortilla and Sangria Cooking Class - 1 Day

Madrid Paella, Tortilla and Sangria Cooking Class

• Learn how to cook Paella,Tortilla, Sangria, and more!
• Make delectable Spanish dishes with the help of bilingual Spanish chef!

Madrid Paella, Tortilla and Sangria Cooking Class

Enjoy this fun introduction to the culinary culture of Spain with this Cooking Class. You’ll learn how to cook Paella, Sangria, Tortilla, and more Spanish food. You’ll be prepared to prepare these most popular Spanish recipes at home after taking this class.

You can begin your cooking experience once you arrive. Learn how to cook Spanish meals traveling around the globe. With the help of an experienced chef, you’ll cook them yourself in a tiny group.

At the start you will attend Torrijos Market (Mercardo de Torrijos) new food stalls, where the chefs will offer you plenty of advice on selecting local, seasonal goods.

You can then begin to cook meals such as Paella, Spanish omelette (Tortilla), Andalusian salad, Sangria, all while enjoying Spanish cuisine.

You can taste them after you have prepared your meals while you try distinct Spanish wines.

Your teacher will offer you a recipe card before you leave so that you can re-create the food at home to impress friends and family!

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