Los Organos Whale Watching - 1 Day

Los Organos Whale Watching

Journey with us on an amazing Peru whale watching tour from the beaches of Piura: Los Organos, Vichayito or Mancora.

• See giants come from the arctic waters to the Peruvian shore to reproduce and raise their offspring
• Observe these magnificent cetaceans, the way they jump, swim and dive in groups
• See the first games of babies whales supervised by their giant mothers

Los Organos Whale Watching

During the months of August, September and October we invite you to see the enormous humpback whales. These giants arrive from Antarctic waters to the northern coast of Peru to breed and raise their calves. During the whale watching tour you will be able to see these magnificent cetaceans, taking spectacular leaps, swimming and diving in groups or watching the first games of their offspring under the watchful eye of their huge mothers.

This marine excursion will take you to sail from Los Órganos to Cabo Blanco on an extensive tour which is 85% successful in the whale watching. Visitors can contribute to the science and research taking accurate photos of the ventral side of the tail for the identification of individuals sighted. You can observe other related species in the convergence zone of cold Humboldt ecosystem and warm Equatorial ecosystem.

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