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Los Angeles to Las Vegas Luxury Shuttle with Wifi

Las Vegas and Anaheim Luxury Shuttle Bus with Wifi
Los Angeles to Las Vegas Luxury Shuttle with Wifi

Our service makes transferring between hotels simple and efficient.

• Daily scheduled service between LA and Las Vegas
• Wheel Chair Accessible
• Affordable and convenient for traveling families
• Luxury Amenities such as Wi-Fi, Tray Tables, leather seating, on board movies, and complimentary drinks, snacks, blankets, & pillows
• Picks up in many Los Angeles areas

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Luxury Shuttle with Wifi

We provide daily, deluxe service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We get you to your destination on schedule and on time. This service is not a turn around service, but rather passengers can choose their dates of transfer.

We are proud to offer a first class ride on board the Las Vegas Service. Our coaches are equipped with spacious leather seating, DVD players with large screen monitors, wireless internet, seat back tray tables and cup holders. An On-board coach attendant is available to help make your ride more comfortable. Complimentary beverages and light snacks, headphones, pillows and blankets are available upon request. Movies are also played on the trip for your enjoyment

Our Shuttle Bus Schedule (Please input your preferred departure time and city when booking.):
From Los Angeles to Las Vegas:
Departs at 7:30 am and arrives at 1:15pm
From Las Vegas to Los Angeles:
Departs at 3:30 pm and arrives at 9:15pm

Los Angeles Hotel Pick-Up Includes The Following Areas:
Hollywood/West Hollywood
Beverly Hills
Santa Monica
Downtown Los Angeles

Las Vegas Hotel Pick-Up Includes The Following Areas:
Harrah’s Hotel & Casino (**Motor Coach Loading Area Is Located Adjacent To Taxi Stand For Easy Connection To Your Las Vegas Hotel**)
California Hotel & Casino

Round-trip Transfer:
The round-trip transfer is valid for 90 days after the initial departure date. A return date must be provided. However, that may be changed as long as you provide 24 hours notice. If you want to board the coach earlier, however, you would need to dial the emergency contact number on your E-ticket to confirm the availability.

Sold out List:
10/9/2018: 7:30 am, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is located in the middle of Mojave Desert in Nevada, but that didn’t upset city’s position as a top gambling and entertainment spot in the world. Almost 40 million tourists visit this unique city every year, which makes it one of the most popular destinations in the US.

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The US is a huge country comprising of 50 states in North America, bordering with Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. It’s an amazingly diverse country (expression ‘melting pot’ came from the US) that attracts millions of tourists every year and it tops world tourism rankings for decades.

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