Los Angeles Farmers Market Food and History Walking Tour - 1 Day

Los Angeles Farmers Market Food and History Walking Tour

• Eat your way through mid-city Los Angeles
• This tour is designed to indulge the tastebuds and delight the senses
• Careful selection of neighborhoods to explore ensure guests an entertaining, fulfilling and memorable culinary experience

Los Angeles Farmers Market Food & History Walking Tour

Explore LA`s Original Farmers Market, a landmark unlike any other in southern California, on an entertaining, informative and delicious Melting Pot Food Tour. Artisan butchers, bakers and candymakers, a gourmet grocery emporium with one of L.A.`s finest cheese counters, an international spice merchant endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, local celebrity chefs, and more….so much to discover and, more importantly, to taste at this famed Los Angeles location.

Get the insider`s perspective and understand why locals consider this the best restaurant and grocery store in town! This epicurean 2.5 hour stroll all takes place within the Original Farmers Market. Guests will be introduced to the Market`s fascinating history, hear stories of the legacy families who have been part of this landmark location since its beginnings in 1934, and taste signature items from a variety of Farmers Market stalls which may include:

*Ethnic eateries (French, Brazilian, Cajun, Middle Eastern or Spanish)
*Gourmet grocery store
*Fresh produce stand
*Donut shop rated one of the best in the county by USA Today
*Handmade candy kitchen
*L.A.`s first pizzeria
*Mexican grill featured in Bon Appetit magazine

The food samples along the way are filling enough for most people that a meal afterwards is not necessary. Tour guests, comfortably full with delicious food, will walk away with hundreds of food pics and an unforgettable morning they`ll want to brag about back home.

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