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Ireland Farms and Whiskey Tour from Dublin

Ireland Farms and Whiskey Tour from Dublin
Ireland Farms and Whiskey Tour from Dublin

Visit Artisan producers and farms at the forefront of Ireland’s agriculture and gastronomy. The best day trips from Ireland.

• Artisan producers and farms at the forefront of Ireland’s best food makers
• Bake bread with flour from Ireland’s oldest flour mill
• Enjoy tasting samples throughout the day
• Learn about Irish Whiskey and Cider and sample some of our best
• Visit a working turkey farm and taste Irish goats cheese

Ireland Farms and Whiskey Tour from Dublin

Martry Mills – Spire of Lloyd – Maperath Turkey Farm – Blue Goats Cheese Farm – Cocagee Cider Farm
We visit Ireland’s oldest working flour mill at Martry Mill. Say hi to James who has worked and been part of this mill all his life. His family has worked this mill since 1859. James will explain how this fascinating contraption works from the water wheel that powers the mill, to making the finished product. You will take some flour with you to bake your very own bread later in the tour!

The Spire Of Lloyd is a peculiar structure built on high ground in the center of an ancient ring fort. The curious thing about this spire is that it’s actually a lighthouse – almost 55km from the nearest coastline! The spire was built in 1791 by the Earl of Bective as a memorial to his father, a seafaring man. From this point you have spectacular views over five counties. Where could be a better place to learn about Irish whiskey, how it’s made, and sample some of our very best brands. The very barley and water that are key ingredients of whiskey would have come from the pastures and fields around this very point.

Next we visit one of the most engaging and interesting farmers you’ll ever meet. Maperath is a family run Turkey farm and Eoin, the farmer, will give you an intriguing insight into life on a farm and his ecofriendly way of life. After a tour of the farm you`ll get a change to put your flour from the mill to use and bake some bread which you`ll have with some hearty homemade soup or stew on the farm.

Michael Finnagen from Boyne Valley Blue Goats Cheese has 300 goats that he looks after with loving care to produce some of Ireland`s best quality goats cheese. Michael will take you around the farm to meet his goats and show you what`s involved in getting his cheese from the goat to your plate ! Enjoy a delicious tasting before you leave.

We finally visit an apple orchard and home to Cockagee Cider. Mark is an award winning cider producer has been making this prized liquid for many happy years. Mark will take you to see his orchard and explain how apple cider is made before you finally get to taste some samples. What a wonderful way to finish this foodie fiesta!

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