Iguazu Falls Tour From Puerto Iguazu – Argentina and Brazil Side - 1 Day

Iguazu Falls Tour From Puerto Iguazu - Argentina and Brazil Side

You can literally have the best of both worlds as we tour the Argentinean and Brazilian sides of the falls.

• Iguassu Falls from Argentina and Brazil
• Spectacular panoramas
• Iguazu National Park
• Amazing views from the footbridge

Iguazu Falls Tour From Puerto Iguazu – Argentina and Brazil Side

Puerto Iguazu – Iguassu Falls
Iguassu Falls is a natural wonder best explored from both Argentina and Brazil. There are more than 270 cataracts in the area where cliffs and islets lie scattered in a half moon shape. From the visitor center you can head down trails or ride a picturesque train. There are two main circuits: the upper path and the lower path. The lower path leads to the base of the falls where the intense crash releases a thick mist into the air – a truly unique experience.

The upper path leads to incredible panoramas of the falls from an extensive footbridge.

Devil’s Throat, or Garganta del Diablo, is best seen from the Brazilian side. Here fourteen falls drop 350 feet with such force that a 100-foot tall cloud of mist is permanently suspended overhead. Watch for the rainbow! For a close-up, walk through the subtropical forest of Iguazu National Park to the base of Salto Floriano and take the elevator to the top of the falls, or walk out over the falls at Salto Union.

What better way to take in the majesty of Iguassu Falls than to explore both sides?

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