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Evora Day Trip from Lisbon with Capela dos Ossos

Evora Day Trip from Lisbon with Capela dos Ossos
Evora Day Trip from Lisbon with Capela dos Ossos

Take a day trip from Lisbon to beautiful, UNESCO-listed Evora. Includes Chapel of Bones entrance fees and olive oil tasting. Small group service.

• See the Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos)
• Visit the Roman Temple and Cathedral of Evora
• Taste olive oil produced in the Alentejo region of Portugal
• The best day trips from Lisbon

Evora Day Trip from Lisbon w/ Capela dos Ossos

Lisbon – Almendres Cromlech – Roman Temple – Cathedral of Evora – Chapel of Bones – Lisbon
On this tour, we will pass through the magnificent vineyards, corn and cork plains, and olive trees of the Alentejo region. We’ll start by visiting the oldest cromlech in southern Europe, more than 7,000 years old: Almendres Cromlech. It is a megalithic complex of more than 100 stones placed in a circular pattern aligned with the solstices and equinoxes.

Next, we visit Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by 14th century walls. We will visit the Roman Temple and the Se, a gothic cathedral (the largest in Portugal) right in the heart of the city. You will have time to stroll through the streets of Evora and discover the local crafts before lunch (own expense).

We continue our journey in the afternoon to the Church of San Francisco and the famous Chapel of Bones, a must see. We’ll put the finishing touch on a beautiful day with a regional Alentejo olive oil tasting!

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Lisbon is Portugal’s coastal capital, also known as ‘the city of seven hills’. This is actually inaccurate, as Lisbon is sitting on eight hills (the eighth one being the tallest – Graça). But, don’t worry, a discrepancy in number of hills will definitely not affect your visit to this wonderful city.

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Portugal is a small European country on the Atlantic Ocean, sharing Iberian Peninsula with Spain. The country’s position at the sea has shaped its past and present and will inevitably shape its future. Portugal was major maritime power during 16th to 19th century and this has left deep impact into its culture and history.

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