Easily experience the Japanese Culture of Somemono – Dyeing a stole in the Yama no Sachizome method - 1 Day

Easily experience the Japanese Culture of Somemono - Dyeing a stole in the Yama no Sachizome method

Enjoy the traditional Japanese craft of Somemono, an object that is very popular in Japan, and make one on your own!

• Enjoy a Japanese Somemono experience in only two hours
• Happiness Color Mats are used which is environment-friendly
• Introduced in the media, on television and magazines

Easily experience the Japanese Culture of “Somemono” – Dyeing a stole in the Yama no Sachizome method

Easily experience the Japanese Culture of “Somemono”

Arrival→Sachizome experience→Finished→End

Activity Details:
1.Choose your favorite color
First choose your favorite color of the stole and the color of your paint (Paper type dye Happiness Color Mats). Happiness Color Mats that are used here are environment-friendly and it is a way of dyeing that does not pollute water and air because you do not need fire or water to dye. Depending on the color, the atmosphere of the somemono will completely change. Pale colors are easy to use when it comes to fashion but strong colors can be used as an accent color. You can choose from many colors, so please choose a new one.

2. Sachizome experience
Next you will choose your own design which is either flower motifs or leaves. In Japan, is said that the leaves of trees are a charm for longevity and for each design, there is a different meaning. Choosing your design while listening to the explanation is interesting. When you have a chosen design, follow the process and dye the material with Happiness Color Mats using the heat of an iron.

3. Finished
If you have completed the dyeing along with the design, you work is done. Sachizome is strong against machine washing and rubbing, so there is no need to worry about losing the colors. A stole with Japanese somemono is very popular in Japan and it is often given as a gift to mothers. Please try to give a Japanese stole as a present to your family and friends!

Since ancient times, the traditional colors of Japan are often given names derived from plants of the four seasons, flowers, birds, and animals. It is said that there are about 1,100 traditional colors in Japan and every color has a meaning and the impression is different as well. These colors have always enriched the hearts of the Japanese people and have been developed over the changing times. The technique [Yama no sachizome] that you can learn is a technique that is born with the desire to convey the true beauty of nature.

Nearby area introduction:
In the Edo period, Kagurazaka was located in the center of commerce at the Bishamonten Zenkokuji, where many visitors came from all over Japan. Furthermore, Kagurazaka was also the center of culture and poets and artists from Meiji liked it there and wanted to live there. Right now, Kagurazaka is also called the Paris of Japan because there are so many alleys and slopes and scenic views. It is the center of classical performing arts and the geisha world and it is famous as the city where you can enjoy Japanese traditional arts. Kagurazaka is a stylish town with a charm while still retaining an Edo feel.

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