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Dettifoss Day Trip from Akureyri with Godafoss and Lake Myvatn - 1 Day

Dettifoss Day Trip from Akureyri with Godafoss and Lake Myvatn
Dettifoss Day Trip from Akureyri with Godafoss and Lake Myvatn

Join us for a stunning Akureyri excursion to the gorgeous attractions of Northern Iceland, including Dettifoss, Godafoss, Namasckar, and Lake Myvatn.

• Scenery and history of Eyjafjörður fjord
• Breathtaking beauty of Goðafoss waterfall
• Myriad of pseudo craters by lake Mývatn
• Spectacular lava labyrinths of Dimmuborgir
• Boiling mud pool and hissing steam vents at Námaskarð
• Fumarole zone by the Krafla caldera
• Raw power and ear-crushing roar of Dettifoss waterfall
• Dramatic landscape of Jökulsárgljúfur canyon
• Geology and legends of Ásbyrgi

Dettifoss Day Trip from Akureyri with Godafoss and Lake Myvatn

Akuyeri – Godafoss – Lake Myvatn – Namaskard – Dettifoss – Akuyeri

Journey with us to one of the most mystical regions of Iceland on a day trip from Akuyeri.

We’ll depart from the city and travel along the coast of Eyjafjorður and through the Vikurskard mountain pass to the valley of Fnjoskadalur, where we’ll be treated to one of the most spectacular sites in Iceland: Godafoss. Known as the “Waterfall of the Gods,” it is said that statues of the ancient Norse gods were cast into the beatufiul cascades to mark the transition of Iceland to Christianity.

After taking photos here we’ll pass through the valley of Reykjadalur to Skutustadir and enter the phenomenal Lake Myvatn district. Here we’ll explore the numerous volcanic craters that formed around 2,300 years ago and have since filled with glaciar water to form a series of dazzling lakes. Then, we’ll travel along the south coast of the lakes to Dimmuborgir, a maze of basalt pillars shaped by cool lava.

From here we’ll travel to the nearby village of Reykjahlid where you will have the opportunity to have lunch or buy snacks. Next, we’ll continue east to Namaskar, known for its fumarole fields which are heated by an underground magma intrusion. As a result the area is characterized by a strong smell of sulfur.

After a short and easy walk around here, we’ll travel to the Krafla caldera, passing by the 60-MW geothermal power station that partly supplies the town of Akureyri with electricity. Then we’ll visit the Víti (Hell) crater, whose explosive formation marked the beginning of the great Myvatn Fires in 1724. From here we’ll enjoy stunning views of the geothermal zone of Leirhnjukur and the lava field formed in the Krafla Fires (1975-1984).

Next, we’ll hop on Iceland’s main highway and enter Vatnajokull National Park. Here we’ll take a 10 to 15-minute hike to today’s main destination: Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Take in the breathtaking beauty and pose for photos before this amazing natural wonder.

Then, we’ll hike through the Jokulsarsgljufur Canyon, which 25 kilometres long, over 100 metres deep, and as old as the last ice age. During the hike we’ll make short stops in Vesturdalur and Hljodaklettar (Echo Cliffs) before arriving at Asbyrgi, a horse shoe shaped cliff formation.

Legends states that Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of Odin, stepped down there when passing by, forming the 100-metre high cliffs. Asbyrgi is sheltered from the ocean winds and is therefore highly vegetated. After a stop in Asbyrgi we drive through the Tjornes fracture zone to Husavik, a small fishing and tourism village, and back to Akureyri where we estimate to be around 6:15pm.

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