Denpasar Foodie Tour

1 Day

Denpasar Foodie Tour is an authentic Balinese food experience! On this food tour you will find the relax part or hustle and busy city and also good food around the area. Keep it mind, all place on this food tour is not tourist area which is make it’s unique.

The place that we going to visit is not tourist trap or franchise restaurant, all places is unique and have history and story behind it. Food and drink that we will try is all Indonesian or Balinese local food. Total food that we will try is 10 types of food. Make sure you not have breakfast before doing this tour.


  • Pamper your tongue with the richness of Balinese spices and sauces.
  • Be enlightened with stories of Balinese culture.
  • Sample Balinese coffee in one of the oldest Balinese coffee shops.

Savor the local cuisines in Denpasar!
Denpasar city, also known as Kota Denpasar, is the capital city of Bali province, Indonesia. Denpasar was originally the center of Badung kingdom which was conquered by the Dutch in 1906. Nowadays, Denpasar is a member of the OWHC (Organization of World Heritage Cities) which preserves a variety of cultural traditions, including food.
3-hour Small-Group Food Tasting Walking Tour of Denpasar

This walking food tour offers the experience to see the old city of Denpasar and learn more on its history. It begins with sampling Balinese coffee in one of the oldest Balinese coffee shops and continues with enjoying several Balinese dishes — from traditional meals savored by the locals to foods popular with Balinese locals today.

During the 3-hour walking food tour, you can enjoy a variety of Balinese delicacies in five different places. One of the dishes is a legendary Balinese food that is cherished by the people of Bali. At the same time, you will also be enlightened with stories of Balinese culture by our local Foodie Buddy.

Starts at 10 am to 1 pm

  • Balinese coffee
  • Explore the old city of Denpasar
  • Rice cake and Ayam Betutu (Traditional Balinese Roasted Chicken)
  • Traditional Balinese satay
  • Legendary Balinese suckling pork
  • Popular traditional Indonesian dessert

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Denpasar is the capital city of the Indonesian island of Bali. Many tourists believe that when they arrive at Denpasar International Airport, they have already arrived in the city, but this is not the case. Denpasar is located 10 kilometers from the airport, and the airport does not constitute a part of Denpasar.

Denpasar is not a tourist destination like other parts of Bali; rather, it is well-known among the locals, which results in a large selection of good local food that was already established before Indonesia gained independence. During this walking food tour, we will sample some of the most famous local dishes in the heart of Denpasar. In addition, we will visit a historical site in Denpasar.

Private Denpasar City Tour Package

Our first stop will be the first coffee shop in Bali, where we will have Bali Coffee. Explore the island’s first traditional market and sample the famous curry at the market, east bali salad, and traditional Balinese snack and drink, among other things. Walking to the Puputan Badung Park to learn a little about its history and to sample two popular snacks that locals enjoy when they visit the park. Try the famous pork satay and beef soup, or the goat satay and goat curry, both of which are delicious (for halal option).

Visit the oldest traditional Toko Kue (Cake Shop) in the city and sample some of the delicacies from Indonesia. At the end of the meal, we will have the famous “Nasi Campur” (for those who prefer a halal option) or Babi Guling/Suckling Pig, which is very popular among the locals.