Central Park Walking Tour

Central Park Walking Tour
Central Park Walking Tour

Enjoy walking in Central Park!

• You will be well-informed about park history, movie locations, and celebrity homes around the park
• Embracing the attractions of Central Park at your own pace
• Discover this masterpiece of American architecture

Central Park Walking Tour

A minimum group of 3 people is required in order to book a walking tour. Children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. As more people reserves, the price per person will be definetely less.

How about embracing the attractions of Central Park at your own pace?

Central park has been designed as a relieving oasis for a rapidly growing city in the 19th century and it has evolved into one of the historic masterpiece of the United States. A fundamental part of the city, Central Park is requisite that no New Yorker could give up. Its architecture fits into the urban environment so perfectly, that many people never believe it is completely man-made.

Central Park is a enchanting and a walking tour is a great way to discover this masterpiece of American architecture. Central Park Sightseeing walking tour visits best known it`s fountains, monuments, sculptures, bridges as well as some of ponds. Follow your experienced guide on the breezing paths and over the passages and through the archways, and learn Central Park`s design and history.

Besides, on the itinerary, you will be informed about many movie scene locations that you`ve only been able to see in a screen. The walk tours are rated effortless and there are no tough hills.

Some of our walking tour spots:
• Wollman ice-skating rink from Love Story and Serendipity
• Dakota Building where Mia Farrow lives in Rosemary`s Baby
• Tavern on the Green, used as a location in Ghostbusters and Wall Street
• Bethesda Fountain, as seen in Enchanted and Gossip Girl
• The Bandshell where Breakfast at Tiffany`s and Kramer vs. Kramer were shot
• The Boathouse Cafe used for When Harry Met Sally and Sex and the City
• The Pond, which from in Home Alone II during the pigeon lady scene
• The Dairy, as beautiful Victorian gothic building, which is featured in Independence Day
• The Mall, also known as the literary walk is used for Vanilla Sky and Big Daddy
• The Bow Bridge, this white bridge was featured in films such as Autumn in New York and Little Manhattan
• The Conservatory where Stuart Little drove sail boats

Central Park Sightseeing walking tour`s long is two hours. Let our entertaining and informative tours guides enlighten you about the anecdotes of distinguished Central Park. This is an experience you will remember for years.. These guided tours are held rain or shine, extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds of 35mph or more, heavy snow, and temperatures 24 degrees and below or 96 degrees and above.

Please remember to bring your cameras. You can`t miss taking pictures of must-seen places in Central Park wonderland!

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