Central Park Bike Tour

Central Park Bike Tour

Central Park Bike Tour

• Discover New York`s largest masterpiece on two wheels with our professional guides!
• Many stops near essential attractions of Central Park!
• We will provide the equipment like a bike, map, helmet, basket and lock during the tour.

Central Park Bike Tour

Discover New York`s largest masterpiece on two wheels with our professional guides!

Central Park is a national park in the heart of New York City. A perfect combination of historical architecture and nature, truly one of the wonders of the world, right in the middle of New York City`s skyscrapers.

When you decide to see Central Park with your family or your friends and for those who enjoy a little leg stretching, this guided bike tour meets your needs. Our experienced and also well-informed tour guides will share their interesting knowledge about historical attractions, celebrity homes, movie locations, in accordance with your wishes. They know how to entertain you!

This fun tour takes nearly 2 hours in relaxing way, so it includes many stops near essential attractions of Central Park. Instead of endless walking or getting lost, you will enjoy when you discover this amazing park.

• Turn around Cherry Hill fountain as gorgeous west side buildings swallow you up
• Strawberry Fields and the Imagine Mosaic, tributes to John Lennon`s memorial
• Be fascinated from the skylines across Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
• See the beautiful Great Lawn`s landscape on the top of Belvedere Castle
• Smell the glamorous flowers of the Shakespeare Garden
• Take a look at Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux`s masterpiece Bethesda Terrace. It is considered the heart of Central Park
• Envy the Alice in Wonderland statue that overlooks the conservatory water
• Souvenirs in Tavern on the Green gift shop are catchy nowadays

When you pick this guided tour option, we will provide the equipment like a bike, map, helmet, basket and lock during the tour. Please remember to bring your cameras. You can`t miss taking pictures of must-seen places in Central Park wonderland!

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